Sunday, July 31, 2011

Collecting empty matchboxes: Yet another striking hobby !

There is an amazing variety of things which collectors collect making it their passionate lifetime hobby. While collecting stamps, coins, currency notes, toys could be most popular, collecting train and bus tickets, soap covers and empty cigarette packs are also fancied by some others. But for Husseni collecting empty matchboxes became a passion.

He already has about 7,000 match-boxes in his collection. His series of collection include Ganesha, Horse, Birds, elephants, dogs, cows, famous film actors, cricket players, tourist places, tourist places, domestic objects, pet and wild animals like tiger, lion, snake, and much more.

35-year-old SF Husseni who hails from Shivanasamudra in Mandya District began collecting empty match boxes as a small boy and never stopped even after growing into adulthood. As a small child he often played Tikis, which developed into the habit of collecting empty match boxes. The main thing that drew him to collect empty match boxes was the colorful pictures printed on them.

With the Ganesha festival fast approaching the artist has turned his attention making greeting cards with his vast collection of empty matchboxes. For New Year celebrations too he plans to bring make out greeting cards made using this matchbox covers and gift them to his near and dear ones.

Speaking to Express Husseni said, `Since my childhood I started collecting matchbox covers to play Ticki. Whenever I won and got an extra cover, I played the game even more enthusiastically. This gradually turned it into a hobby. As I was living in Shivanasamudra, a popular tourist spot known as Bluff, a large number of tourists from various parts of the country frequented this place who carried with them different kinds of matchbox covers which I picked up, adding to my collection. For first time I saw the picture of television is on matchbox,' he adds.

'I have been collecting such empty matchbox covers from road-side footpaths or parking lots ever since I was studying in 3rd Standard, and some of them I exchanged with friends while playing Tickies. In my entire collection only one percent of them was bought,’ says Husseni proudly.

Husseni's achievement doesn't end at merely collecting empty matchbox covers, but creates wonders wielding paper, scissors and glue dexterously. He is one of a very few artists who has mastered Sanji work, cutting designs using paper, in addition to Origami, a Japanese form of folding paper and making creative designs. He has already made a name photographing the dancing colours on the surface a CD under various light conditions, using just an ordinary camera. He is always on the lookout to do something new and creative.

Husseni is a graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Karnataka University, Dharwad. His works have been bought by various art collectors in India and abroad, while also bagging awards in art festivals.

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