Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cycle to light up Mysore Palace

Now, just pedal to illuminate Mysore Palace. For the first of its kind in history of county, District Administration in association with Palace Board and Private Telecommunications launched 'Cycle to light up the Mysore Palace' programme at Palace premises in city on Monday.

About ten stationary cycles have been placed at Mysore Palace premises, to encourage visitors to pedal as long as they wish. The cycles have been connected to a dynamo, and the generate energy will be stored in the batteries and will be used to light up a portion of the Mysore Palace during Dasara.

If the ten cycles are pedaled for ten hours continuously, about 1500 watts of power is generated from which about 1000 bulbs can be illuminated for about one hour. Generally to illuminate the bulbs, about 2000 units of power is needed.

At present the entrance gate of the portion have been connected with these batteries and from Tuesday, the bulbs will be illuminated by the generated pedal power. If a persons pedals for about 10-15 minutes he can generate power for a bulb to glow power.
Palace Board Deputy Director TS Subramanyam said that one megawatt power is used every hour to illuminate around 99,000 bulbs which are of 15 watts.

Deputy Commissioner PS Vastrad said that the efforts to promote cycle-to-work culture in the city and cycle to light up the Mysore palace are the innovative and eco-friendly gesture towards the cause. He said if good response is received, measures will be taken to place more cycle in other places of palace premises.

Though the bicycles will light up only a part of the Mysore Palace, it's an eye-watching demo of the advantages of using bicycles and encourage the visitors to the palace to do their bit for eco-friendly illumination.

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