Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jail inmates to delight visitors during Dasara

Its not only the students and artistes who are gearing-up to present cultural programme during dasara. A new troupe of musicians are all set to hit the stage to present Musical programme (Sangeetha Rasamanjari Programme) during this year Dasara festival. They are the inmates of Mysore Central Jail.

About eight jail inmates Mahesh, Mohan, Siddegowda, Chandru, Yogesh, Venkatesh (singers), HK Putta, Chikusu (instruments) have been selected to render music programme.
They are being trained by Shivaprakash and Murthy for last three months to sing and play musical instruments like keyboard, drum, guitar, and many other instruments.

The inmates have learnt about 130 songs which include folklore, Hindi and Kannada film songs, bhavageethe, bhaktigeethe and patriotic songs. They have been provided with related books to learn songs during their leisure time. As they find hard to sing Hindi songs, they get the songs translated into Kannada with help of their teachers, and later sing them.

Jailor Jayasimha said that Mysore jail is the first jail in country, which is engaging the inmates to learn music and render programmes. The initiative of the programme is ADGP Prisons K V Gagandeep.

Inmate Venkatesh expressing happiness over performing programme during dasara festival said that “by going outside and giving performance we fell we to are part of society.”

Inmate Mahesh says due to engaged in learning music for last three months it has brought lot of changes in him and is even helpful to forget his agony.

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