Thursday, October 11, 2012

Now mahouts to learn about properties of medicinal plants

There was the time when research scholars, students of Ayurveda went to forest to meet the tribals and learn from them about medicinal properties of plant and also how to identify them. But, now the things has changed.

Born in tribal community, a majority of them are not aware of many medicinal plants or its value though they use some of the medicines (kashaya) learnt from their ancestors to get the ailments cured.

Hence, the staff of Ayush (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) have all set to educate mahouts and their family members about the identification of medicinal plants, and their usage through power point presentation. The staff will also carry some of the Medicinal plants grown in the Ayush campus to show them.

Specially, plants which have medicinal properties for cough, allergies, stomach pain, headache, cold, asthma, diabetics, blood pressure, sugar, uterus problems, and many other ailments will be introduced to them.

The purpose of the programme is to educate them how to treat minor elements making use of the medicinal plants available in the forest, and also to conserve the ancient Ayurveda medicine for future.

For the first of its kind in the history of Mysore dasara, this type of unique programme has been organised for mahouts and their family members, who are in city along with their Jumbos to take part in the dasara festival and are staying at the pitched tents inside the palace premises.

District Ayush Officer Dr Nagesh says, “in forests though mahouts and kavadis come across many plants rich in medicinal value, they are unaware of their medicinal properties and they wont use it. Hence, to educate them Ayush has organised a camp starting from Sunday.”

Apart this, two days once the team of doctors comprising of Dr Ramesh, Dr Uma and Dr SM Veda are providing health education, personal and menstrual hygiene and nutrition education for women members of mahouts and kavadis families.


Now its beauty care for Mahouts family members 

A team of three doctors of Ayush are not only educating about hygiene and properties of medicinal plants for the mahouts family members, where as they are been thought how to maintain good health, food diet, health, hair, eye care, food diet, beauty and much more.

To make them understand better, they are screening power point presentation and are making them to understand better about various health aspects screening related photographers.

As visual representations influences more and remains in memory for long time doctors have come out with this way. It has also easy for doctors to gather women in large number and hold the attention for long time.

One of the Mahouts wife Gowri, says “earlier the doctors used to give oral awareness and we were not able to understand. Now, they are bringing laptop and are showing related picture to us, from which we to are following what they mean.”

The beauty tips provided them are very simple and are available at home. What we need is to do some process with its. We enjoy the classes very much,” says Thulasi.

Doctor Veda says food grains, pulses names are addressed in entirely different way and the power point presentation has helped them lot to understand better what we are saying.

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