Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tribal women drew attention of on-lookers on procession

 Its not only the men, whereas women and children in equal number took part in dasara folk art programmes walking with bear feet, unmindful of burning sun.

Specially youngsters below 14 years were witnessed in majority of the folk art and groups, depicting the tradition and culture of their region. The folkart dances, Lambani Dance, veeraghasi, Kolatta, Dollukunitha performed by tribal women drew the attention of on-lookers.

Though some women artistes were quite tensed as it was the first Dasara they were taking part, they were seen stepping enthusiastically each step in the beating heat.
Girls who performed Veeraghasi under the banner of BGS Veeraghasi Nruthya Sangha said that as soon as their participation in the dasara events was confirmed, the group members have practiced daily for about two hours, without any break.
Valli says “After hearing I have been selected to perform Veeraghasi it brought me lot of joy. From last one month I have practiced for about two hours every day, without any break to maintain the stamina for long time.”
Devara Gudda and Pooja Kunith staged by folk Art Students of Mysore University was bewitching. The students who staged equally to professional artistes, climbed the ladder holding the 45 kilo Pooja Kunitha in mouth.

Another folkart 'Jagallige Mela' which was performed by youngsters and elders was quite different. The artistes put steps for traditional songs standing over Jagallige mela (round thin drum), which will be carried by two persons. Apart this, in many of the folk arts troupes children and women were seen putting steps to traditional folk art beats.


Please provide us water to drink
Some of the artistes who seemed tired before reaching Ayurveda Circle, requested government to quench their thrust by provide water to drink. Though some how men can manage, for women its not a easy task.

Jyothi who is taking part in dasara event for fourth time said that “until we reach Bannimantap we will be tired. The government should take measures to supply water at least in any three points on the dasara procession route.”


Food for elephants !
The officials were seen serving tired elephants at KR Circle, Ayurveda Hospital Circle with nutritious food, which contains Sugarcane, Jower and Dry Coconut.
Police Officer Raghu said that as per the guidance of Mahouts they will provide the nutritious food pack for elephants, which will be tired.


As soon as the Arjuna passed KR Circle carrying the 750 kg golden howdah, people rushed on the roads breaking the barricades. Some of the family members to escape from the crowd, accommodated themselves in a safe place. But their slippers, water bottles, were seen littered every where in KR Circle. Meantime, cops to were seen finding hard to control the crowd. 

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