Saturday, October 27, 2012

Traditional doll placing culture disappearing in Mysore

The traditional way of making dolls at home and displaying them during the Navaratri, is slowly vanishing as now women choose readymade dolls to display, which are available in contrast colours.

Earlier, majority of the women who were displaying dolls at home, used to create the dolls months before the Navaratri, based on their theme. But now availability of readymade dolls with glossy finishing, bright colours of various shapes has made them to purchase dolls from the shop.

The other thing which has influenced women in large number is taking part at dasara doll competitions. In one side it has encourage more number of women to place dolls at home upholding the tradition, while in other side the traditional practice of placing dolls is melting down.

Thought the availability of ready-made dolls had brought cheers in many, some of them feel sorry as the traditional practice is disappearing.

Some have retained century-old dolls provided for them by their ancestors. But, majority of the women who have recently started placing the dolls, throng for gift shops in search of the dolls.

From our childhood we were thought to decorate dolls and place them. But, from last four years I am purchasing the ready-made dolls due to my age factor,” says, Hemalatha who places dolls from three decades in Mysore.

The available ready made dolls are very attractive and have eased our works. Based on the concept, we can purchase the dolls. Though it can be created at home, the finishing will be rough and looks odd. This year, I have highlighted struggle of freedom fighters, for which I have used the ready made plaster of Paris dolls, which looks naturally,” says Jayashree resident of Vidyaranya Puram.

Ramsons which displays dolls at its gallery, is receiving overwhelm response year to year. Named as 'Bombe Mane', dolls brought from across country, are placed under one roof in this gallery.

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