Saturday, October 27, 2012

PhD on Mysore Dasara by Dasara special officer

Many of them witness Dasara every year. But very rarely few of them go in deep. In such here is a persons, being a dasara special officer inspired over Dasara activities has completed his PhD on Mysore Dasara.

V Ranganath, is the Dasara Special officer. Being completed BSc, LLB, MA in History, he is rendering service as dasara special officer from last eleven years. Inspired over dasara activities which will be held in the palace, he decided to do his PHD on 'Mysore Dasara' (KSOU), under the guidance of Rangaswamy.
He says, Dasara celebrations has history of thousands year and not 400 years as mentioned. “Navaratri celebrations being held from the tenure of Vijayanagar Period and there are lot of documents to prove this.” He has collected the details for his work visiting Hampi, Srirangapatna, and many other places, including libraries.

According to him Dasara celebrations came to practice based on tax collection. Earlier, kings used to distribute Kingdom into many parts and used to handover the position for Privypurse (Samantha Rajas), who used to administer the Place. Even the military were divided into two portions, where portion of military near Privypurse and other near Kings.

Every year during the time of Navaratri they used to come to palaces to offer 1/3 of the tax for king, where entire troupe used to join together and spend time for nine-days in palace.

After staying at Palace for nine-days, they used to leave palace on ninth day of Navaratri. While giving adieu to them folkarts, local artistes, dance troupes were invited, where in it was marked as procession, according to history.

Interestingly, the cultural programmes were introduced during the nine days of Navarati celebrations by kings to enthrall the arrived guests to the palace and also to provide opportunity for local artistes.

After administration came under government, Privypurse system was abolished. Government started celebrating dasara from 1973 and there on wards Special officers were appointed.

Lot of changes in dasara celebrations has taken place. Its now being celebrated without any formats. To know in depth how earlier kings were celebrating dasara, I decided to do my Ph.D. “There should be frame work to celebrate dasara,” he adds.

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