Friday, October 12, 2012

Dasara is mating time for palace elephants

This might be strange but true. Dasara is a mating time for palace elephants ! There are seven elephants permanently residing in palace premises specially, used for taking part in religious rituals and all of them are female.

As there is no male elephant in Palace their procreation are stand still. But, a ray of hope arrives every time during dasara, as they are donned with the arrival of male elephants from forests, which take part in Dasara festivities.

Just eight days ago, one of the female elephant of Palace has been mated with pretty, tall, handsome, 52-year-old 'Arjuna', who is in the race with Balarama to carry howdah elephant.
For last five years, the Palace Board is successful in providing conjugal bliss for the languishing female elephants in their custody, with the male visitors. After studying the behaviour of elephants, the mahouts inform Palace officials and later arrangements are made to send male elephants.

Though they are couple of male elephants in Mysore Zoo, as they are not tamed elephants, in fear of it many behave rudely and widely with the female elephants, the authorities are not ready to take any chance.

Dr Nagaraj, veterinarian of Dasara elephants says, “even thought this is not a permanent solution, steps should be taken to create more opportunities for the female elephants to mate with the male.”

By this mating even the elephants are not conceived, its interesting to know that elephants can conceive until 70 years, unlike they are fit and ovulating.

As the male jumboos will return back to the forest after the completion of Dasara, measures have been taken to make best use of the opportunity to seek orgasmic pleasures between the elephants. Or else the officials have to wait until next Dasara !

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  1. that is really a heartening news. the seven female royal elephants be left with the eight tuskers visiting palace for a month time so that ovulation takes place in presence of males and mating will be successful. Gajendra,Arjuna,Prashanta, Gopi, Gopala swamy, Jayaprakasha are good selection. but for the tusks Abhimanyu will be a choice to carry forward their genes to palace.