Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1091 not reachable for many women in state

The 24x7 women toll free helpline number '1091', which was launched in 2001, has failed to reach the distress women effectively. As the number 1091 get connected with BSNL landline service/mobile, and other countable private telecom services like Airtel, Reliance.

Women are facing problems to access the numbers, as either they have to search for BSNL landline / mobile service, nor the countable private telecom services which connect the helpline number 1091 to the NGO Vanitha Sahaya Vani, situated in Bangalore, where Santhwana Center runs.

Women and Child Welfare Deputy Director NR Vijay admitting the problem said that social activists of Santhwana centres are providing alternative NGO's landline for contact and measures have been taken to educate women by distributing pamphlets about alternative measures.
But, the question is how far its possible for women to remember the land line, mobile number along with pin codes. Specially, for women residing in rural areas, where comparatively women are subjected in large for various abuse, and literacy level is also low.

Saraswathi of Vanitha Sahaya Vani, Bangalore also admitted that they are not able to get calls from many areas in the Bangalore too and have got complained in this regard.

Najangud Santhwana Center Savithramma said that mobile phones users are more in number and the government should take appropriate measures to solve the problem.
As many of the women step back complaining going to police station,
the helpline number was activated to protect women who face atrocities like rape, sexual and dowry harassment, domestic violence. But, its very unfortunate that the government has failed to make the number access across state,” says social activist Radha.
Social Activist Roopsingh of Mysore Santhwana Center runs at Shakthidhama said that the issue has brought to the notice of the women and child welfare department. He says, as the number of users of the particular telecome service has come down, it has led to many problems.

W&C Deputy Director Vijay said that a request has been sent to government seeking to mobilse the women helpline number in the lines of 108 Ambulance and no idea when it will be implemented.

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