Thursday, February 7, 2013

Peaceful Mysore records one murder for every four day

One person is murdered for every four day and one attempt to murder takes place for every five to six days in Mysore district, which is hitherto to considered as Pensioner's Paradise and peace loving city.

In a disturbing fact, the number of women being killed are more than men. In 2012, 110 (including rural and urban) murders has took place, in which 60 of them killed are women. In Mysore city alone 31 are killed, where 18 are women, 13 men. 

From last three year 311 persons are killed and 258 attempt to murder cases are registered in district. In which, 223 killed are in rural region, where above 47 per cent of them are women (106).

According to sources, infidelity is one among the major reasons for increase in number of death. There are even instance where following misunderstanding, domestic harassment, affairs, property dispute one takes the extreme step of murdering.

As per the statistics collected from the City Crime Bureau Records (CCRB) and SP's Office, the data shows the crime graph has markedly shot upward in the heritage and cultural city Mysore, compared with the statistics of 2011.

There were 106 murders in 2010, followed by 95 in 2011, and 110 in 2012. Number of cases registered for attempt to murder were 113, 77 and 68, respectively in the above years. Additional Superintendent of Police Mohan Reddy said that above 90 per cent of them cases are solved in rural side, where as countable are mysterious.

In city of the total 88 cases of murder registered in the preceding three years, 45 cases are in court. General violence including chain snatching, domestic violence, dowry harassment, are also showing an increasing trend.
Police Commission KL Sudheer said that the main reasons for the murder is infidelity, previous enmity and family matters. He added that murder for trivial reasons are not occurring in Mysore city.
Whereas, Superintendent of Police Dileep said even deaths for trivial reasons are happening in rural side added with infidelity, family dispute, property row and many other factors.
File facts
2010 – 106 murdered (76 rural); attempts 113 (62 rural)
2011 – 95 murdered (68 rural); attempts 77 (39 rural)
2012 – 110 murdered (79 rural); attempts 68 (33 rural)

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