Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chamundi Hill steps way lights are not functioning

Call it has apathy of officials or ignorance. Though lakhs of income is generated every year from Chamundi Hill, the officials have failed to provide basic facilities for the world famous Chamundi Hill.

Thousands of people climb steps of Chamundi Hill every week from dawn to dusk. But, unfortunately people are forced to climb the step in dark, as the step way lights are not being properly maintained.

The fused bulbs are not replaced in some place, while in some place the poles are erected on very long distance and are broken. Due to this the entire region will be dark, making hard for enthused hill climbers. One has two climb around 1040 steps to reach the top of Chamundi Hill. On the way hardly one can find 3-4 bulbs glowing, and the number of electric poles erected are also less.

Soma of Foot stand says: “People start climbing the hill from 5 am to 8 pm. The lights are not working from last one year. The officials should take measures to replace the bulbs and maintain hygiene.”

“Out of fear itself we climb the hill. The hill is surrounded with forest, and fear of wild animals too. The officials should take measures to provide basic facilities and clean the place” says Shanthi, a housewife, who climbs hill regularly.

Apart this, one can see plastic littered across hill. The regular walkers urged the officials to maintain cleanliness surrounding the place. They say: “Elected representatives visit hill to offer prayer oftenly. But fail to provide basic facilities. There is lack of sanitation, drinking water facility and no one looks into the issue.”

Regular walker Babu says, 'there is a drastic rise in number of hill climbers from last several years. All age group of people, including good number of women, children too climb the steps regularly. Appropriate measures should be taken by officials considering safety of people and a police personnel has to be deputed near the foot of Chamundi hills.'

Muzrai Department Tahsildar Yathiraju said that he will look into the issues and take appropriate measures.

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