Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Children's Home in Mysore shut its doors !

In a bid to provide rehabilitation, care and protection for destitute and runaway children, Children's Home were set-up at several places across the State by Government, under Women and Child Welfare Department. One such Children's Home for boys which was functioning in JP Nagar in the city has been shutdown for children for last eight months following lack of basic facilities.

As many as 67 children have been rehabilitated to various centers across state since June, 2012. From the Records it was observed that 36 children have sent with parents. According to sources, citing reasons of lack of accommodation and other basic facilities the children are sent back with parents. There are even instances where parents of runaway children have been convinced that they will be contacted once they get the place ready for accommodation.

Children's Home PO Nagarathna said that, “due to lack of basic facilities like water, sanitation, children are being temporarily shifted to Rehabilitation Centers in other districts.”
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a relative of one of the child admitted to the Home said that children are being refused admission at the Home and are sent back with parents.

Observation Home PO Sudha said that once the child's parents are identified they are sent back to their parents and the remaining children are handed over to Rehabilitation Center in various districts. In majority of the cases both children and parents are counseled, convinced and measures have been taken to send the children with parents, as the Center at Mysore has shut its doors.

Women and Child Welfare Deputy Director NR Vijay said that Department will be shortly getting its own building at Vijayanagar 4th stage, and the Home will be set-up with all facilities there. He said the building might start functioning from March-April.
“In case children wish to continue in the rehabilitation centers, where they have already accommodated they will not be disturbed. Fresh children will be rehabilitated at new center,”he added.
Fact File
As of June 2012 there were 43 children staying at the Home. Since then the officials after collecting transfer certificates from schools, have rehabilitated children in various centers. 23 children have been sent back with parents after due identification, 6 were sent to Jain Education Society in Mysore, nine to Rehabilitation center at Chikkamagalore, four to Mandya and the remaining one was sent to Bapuji Play Home in the city.  
Twenty four juveniles have brought to the Observation home since July 2012, in which 13 of them have sent back with their parents, and the remaining children were relocated to Homes at Hassan and Mandya districts.

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