Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Earth Hour: A new concept to promote green awareness

To motivate people about the idea of power savings in computers, Vigyanlabs have developed IPMPlus software to save power including computers. The aim of building software is to educate populace about power consumption in computers, using software.

Srinivas Varadarajan, Managing Director, Vigyanlabs Innovations Private Limited said that an average of 50 to 60 per cent of the time computers will be idle in the company, and about 40 per cent of power can be saved without any impact to business operations by using software.

The software is provided as a free download to individuals and groups/institutions/companies to adopt. The software is certified by Microsoft and also by Softpedia as 100% clean.

'While explaining the concept to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) an idea originated of holding contest, around the annual Earth Hour Celebration on March 23– called the IPMPlus Friends of Earth Hour 2013 Contest, he said.  To enable the contest, Vigyanlabs has built a special Earth Hour Edition of its patented software called IPMPlus. The contest is live at  www.ipmplus.com

On a daily basis, data is sent from each computer which has registered for the contest on how much power was consumed and how much is saved. This is translated into a Friends of Earth Hour score – a new concept to promote green awareness.

“From last one week about 500 people from all parts of India and a few from USA, Germany and Pakistan have registered for the contest and 100+ kWh of electricity has been saved using IPMPlus. If more people start using the software the impact of collective effort on power savings will become significant – possibly in the range of few MegaWattHours – by the time the contest closes on Earth Hour Day which is on March 23,” said Srinivas Varadarajan.

Vigyanlabs is situated at SJCE-STEP, JSS Technical Institutions  Campus, Manasagangotri. To know more about the software contact 0821 2413890.

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