Wednesday, February 20, 2013

25 lakh people have obtained UID number in Mysore

As Aadhaar has been made mandatory for many services there is good response in Mysore. Statistics obtained from the Mysore Division Aadhaar shows that out of 29.90 lakh population about 28.73 lakh have enrolled for Aadhar as on January 2013 (as per 2011 census).

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) began the enrollment process in Mysore district in April 2010. So far, UID have been generated for about 26 lakh people, in which about 25 lakh people have obtained their UID number out of 28.73 lakh people. Yet another two lakh people to get enroll and one lakh to obtain their UID, whose number have been generated.

Disclosing the statistics, District Aadhaar project co-ordinator and Statistics Assistant Director MB Padmashekar Pande said that there is very good response for Aadhar in Mysore, and about 98.5 per cent of population is covered under the project.

Following lot of confusions, about 40 per cent of people are re-enrolling their names for UID. This has led to huge rush at Aadhar centers and also results in delay generating UID number, during de-duplication process done by UIDAI,” he added.
Stating there are even instance where people are rushing the center for even change of address, which is not needed, he said following launch of Direct Cash Transfer programme and other services down the center, there is delay in generating UID numbers. “Hardly 32-35 enrollments can be done per day in one center and every day an average of 900-1000 are enrolled under Aadhar,” he added.
Requesting people not to go for re-enrollment and wait for some time to get their UID numbers, he asked people to check their enrollment process and change their address by visiting the website
Aadhar Enrollment is continuous process and one can enroll their names at nine Zonal Offices of Mysore City Corporation. In all, 25 centers are functioning in Mysore district to reach the target.


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