Sunday, February 24, 2013

Majority of the EWRs have solved drinking water problem

Shylaja, Faculty, Abdul Naseer Sab State Institute for Rural Development said that amidst many odds, lack of cooperation from family members, majority of the Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) at Gram Panchayat level are doing good.

She said, majority of the EWRs have solved drinking water problem in the village and have a good relation ship between Anganwadi Workers and educating populace about various government schemes, ensuring them to entitle for beneficiaries of the schemes.

Stating about 26 per cent of women are actively participating in leading political parties and only 8 per cent of them are engaged in various sub committees of political family, she pointed out that about 72 per cent of women does not make any effort to continue in politics, whereas 20 per cent of them wait eagerly for the opportunity.

She said burden on household work, lack of financial independence and confidence, social constraint are the major reasons for non-participation in politics.
According to the survey conducted in ten taluks it was observed that about 70 per cent of EWRs get cooperation from the family, in which 29 per cent of husband are shouldering household responsibilities, 44 per cent of EWRs get support from mother, and other family members. Whereas, remaining 30 per cent of them are managing both the responsibilities, she added.

Its unfortunate that two-third of the EWRs dont know the information regarding the compulsion of women's participating in ward / gram Sabha,” she said. She further pointed out that majority of the GP members will not question the tax paryers, whereas support them in believe that they can win next elections too.

Capability of EWRs
* 50 per cent of EWRs take own decision, while 36 per cent of them depend on colleagues, GP staff and local leaders, following lack of knowledge, and non experience in political field.
* About 60 per cent of the EWR's opine that its possible to empower women through political reservation, and 20 per cent say they get recognition in social arena and become role models for other women.
* Only 68 per cent of women are actively taking participating in the Gram Panchayat meeting and even conduct meeting regularly. About 38 per cent of the EWRs are not conducting meeting.

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