Monday, February 29, 2016

Mysorean develops new model to harness tidal energy

This Mysorean has come out with a novel innovation to address power problem. 54-year-old K Shivashankar, a resident of Kalastavadi Village in Mysore Taluk has come out with a new model to harness tidal energy.

Though several have already tested and deployed the world over, he claims his method is different from others and the uniqueness of the Unit is that depending on the power requirement the generating capacity can be altered.

According to him, using the energy of the tides that hit the sand and rocky beaches, enough power can be generated when deployed in coastal areas, which can even be connected to power grids.

'The currently available tidal energy conversion units are placed right in the ocean, and power is generated. Whereas, this Unit will be placed along the boundary of ocean that is along the coastline. With the help of intermediate device power can be harnessed. With this, the tidal energy conversion will be effective, much easier, and easily maintained,' he claims.

'Tidal waves being very strong has to be used effectively. Bulk tidal energy units has to be set up across coastal areas. The intermediate device in the units helps to convert tidal energy into mechanical energy. We can produce energy in bulk and can address the power problem,' he added.

'Compare to the produce of energy using solar energy, the techniques are very simpler and affordable. Am also working on wind energy model, gravitational energy model, under which power can be converted into mechanical energy. Every house hold can generate small amount of energy required for daily usage with gravitational energy. The unit will be displayed in another two months,' he added.

He is also working on models which helps farming community. Cane trash cutter, simplified coconut coir removing machine, and much more. He says: Farmers spend huge amount for agricultural equipments and there is need of low cost simple technologies.

Shivakshankar, who has completed his Bachelor of Science, while rendering service at Kodagu, noticing hardly the people get power supplied for three to four hours, decided to do something. It was then he thought of innovations which should be low cost, easily accessible and affordable.

'With the help of my son S Praneeth, an mechanical engineering, who is working as Project Assistant at Indian Institute of Science am able to come out with innovations,' he added.

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