Monday, February 29, 2016

Now, an app in the making to make organic veggies affordable

Down the years the demand for organically grown products has increased, for its health benefits and different taste. Whereas, majority of them think twice before purchase of organically produced products, as they are quite expensive.

In this connection, to make the organically grown produce reach people of all walks of life at affordable price, a launch of mobile application has been planned by 'Naisargika Krushikara (Organic growers) Multipurpose Co-operative Association'.

The app will provide linkage between consumers and farmers, who are practicing natural farming, and attract customers to opt for organically grown produce. Only certified organic growers farmers will be included in the app and the association works as linkage for farmers and costumers.

Naturally grown wide range of fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables, millets, wheat, rice and several other produces in the region will be updated in the App. Those suffering from different ailments can book the millet's, rice, grains required to keep their health stable.
As the produce are sold directly to the consumer the rates will be reasonable. This will also benefits farmers to sell produce without intervention of middleman. There are nearly 1600 organic growers in the district, and its an attempt to bring them under one roof.

Similar to an OLX application, the app is being designed, which can be easily accessible. A farmer soon starts plantation has to upload the information in the App, such as the crop grown, expected yield and harvest period. The consumers can book the required produce. Once the crops are harvested, the customer will be asked to collect the produce.

Hampapura Village farmer Srinivas said that the initiative benefits organically growers immensely. 'Most of the time, the unsold produce are returned by middleman and we face huge loss. There is no proper marketing facility for organic growers, and this initiative has brought new ray of hope.'

Citizen Nagarkar says: 'Naturally grown traditional food are good for health. Whereas, not affordable. Hope in days to come it will become the reach for the unreached middle class families.'

Association President Prasanna N Gowda said that farmers who lack knowledge to use smart phones can call the association, and get the information uploaded. 

'As a pilot project the app is being introduced in Mysuru. In case people living in other districts want to purchase, they have to bear the transportation charge. Without getting proper price for the crops grown, the farmers are committing suicide. This sorts of initiatives will benefit farmers in large to become economically stronger,' he added.

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