Monday, February 29, 2016

'Tortured' by neighbour's birds, man writes to Prez for euthanasia


At a time when man-animal conflict is being hotly debated in the state
following Bengaluru's Vibgyar school incident, here comes an
interesting case of man-bird conflict!

Fed up with the chirping sounds of birds from the neighbouring house,
a 54-year-old man has written to President Pranab Mukherjee seeking
permission for euthanasia.

Subramanya, a taxi owner and a resident of MIG Colony in Hootagalli
said his neighbour Mahesh Koti, has reared over 150 birds and its
chirping sound is unbearable.

His requests to the neighbour to shift the birds from residential area
stating that it is spoiling the peaceful atmosphere has fetched no
results since last four years. Koti has also stopped talking to him.

Subramanya had also approached several NGOs, various government
departments like police and forest and also pollution control board
requesting to remove the birds. But none came to his rescue. To his
utter dismay, the officials found nothing wrong in the neighbour
rearing the birds. With no other, he has now applied for euthanasia.

Four years ago, he had also sought information under RTI from forest
department, seeking details about the 'nuisance making' birds. The
reply said there are around 150 exotic birds and its owner is breeding
it which is against the wild life act. "But, the concerned forest
department officials, environment officers have failed to initiativeaction against him. He is breeding the birds and selling them for
profit which is illegal' he said.

He said over the years the birds might have multiplied by 1500, as
they breed twice in a year. Subramanya said the birds produce huge
sound, emit stench which is leading to health hazards. "The government
should either free the birds or give me permission kill myself."

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