Monday, February 29, 2016

This lone girl from Mysore completes two-years M.Sc in Cosmetic Science

JSS University being pioneers in introducing courses in new fields, had startedM.SC in Cosmetic Science two years ago. Only three students enrolled for the course. Of them, Harshitha of Mysore was the only girl who completed the three semesters scoring an average of 90 per cent.

The final semester being a project work, she will be doing it with the famous Indian cosmetic manufacturer, Himalaya Drug Company. The other two students who had enrolled for the course had to discontinue their studies midway owing to personal reasons.
Sharing her unique experience, Harshitha, who enrolled for the course after completing her B.SC in Botany, Chemistry and Biotechnology, said, that Cosmetic Science, being the first of its kind course in the country is purely career oriented.

'When I heard about the course, I got curious to know the about the products we use for our make-up in our everyday life. I came to know there was a lot of science involved behind the manufacture of cosmetics. Now, after completion of the course, I feel there are abundant career opportunities in the cosmetic field, which has a huge market accessed by both men and women alike,' she adds. 
'This course is currently offered at Post Graduate level by the faculty of the Department of Life Sciences of the University, which prepares students in the vast field of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals that are presently sold to consumers who are beauty conscious.

Less takers for course 

JSS University Vice Chancellor Dr B Suresh said that the present global market for cosmetics is around 500 billion dollar, and its expected that the market will increase to 750 billion by 2020.
'To expand the industry we need more cosmetic experts and there is a need to create more awareness about the cosmetic field. Whereas, it is quite unfortunate that not many students are attracted by the prospects, for various reasons,' he regretted.
Further said that the field of cosmetic science is rapidly growing, as new cosmetic products such as personal care products, cosmeceuticals and hygiene products, are being constantly added due to advances in technologies.' 
'Over the past decade it has grown to become a new scientific subject of study in its own right. There is a huge market potential for both manufacture, export of cosmetics and career options are very bright. This prompted us to introduce the course. 

M.Pharm in Cosmeceutics

Ramesh Surianarayanan, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS University said that the University is also introducing M.Pharm in Cosmeceutics beginning this academic year, and admission will begin soon.

Cosmetic Science focuses on the design and development of cosmetic products. It is a multi-disciplinary, applied science that includes various fields like biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, combined with regulatory practices, quality assurance and marketing aspects of cosmetic products, he added.


Dr G Parhasarathi, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, JSS University said that in order to motivate more students to take up the course, we are sending brochures to prospective colleges and educational institutions to make students aware of the course. This apart, scholarships for two students from each course will be awarded and also another scholarship for a candidate interested to do Ph.D in Cosmetics, he added.

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