Monday, February 29, 2016

Tree man plans to reflect Thandi Sadak in Mysuru

Thandi Sadak in Haldwani, Uttarakahand is popular for lush green trees and pleasant breeze. In similar way, an Mysurean tree designer dreams to convert ring road to 'Thandi Sadak'.

Hyder Ali Khan, resident of Kalyangiri has already created green canopy covers in several schools and public parks by planting nearly 2500 saplings and is now knocking the doors of the government for help to increase green cover.

He dreams of bringing back to life 'Thandi Sadak', by planting saplings of certain selected trees along the entire stretch of the Ring Road beginning from the Mysuru-Bengaluru intersection. As a pilot project, his intention is to plant 925 saplings on just one km stretch and provide the lane with green cover. He has approached MUDA officials seeking support for his mission.
“A green canopy can be created on highway, which benefits motorists immensely and gives new attire. If I get the permissions from the Government, I intend to plant wild Almond Trees (Kaddabadami) along one kilometer stretch of the ring road. It takes four years to complete the project, but in the end Mysuru will become role model for other cities and towns in the country.”

“I don't have any source of income and if I am provided the labour charges, I love to plant trees and convert the entire city into a green cover. I need saplings, labours and maintenance charges,” adds Khan, who suitably bents the plant after it reaches a appropriate height to create the shape of a pendal.
Continuing he adds: 'The Thandi Sadak of yesteryears introduced in Mysore by the late Wadiyars, a portion of which can still be seen inside the Mysore Zoo. We can covert the entire city into green canaopy, and make district more tourist friendly, control pollution.'

Khan, a resident of Kalyangiri, said: 'I worked as a mechanical fitter for 27 years. One day, when I got exhausted while riding my bike, I sat beneath a road side tree and felt immensely relaxed and rejuvenated. It was then I decided to plant trees, using my mechinal skills. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than planting trees.'

Hyder Ali took to planting saplings around 16 years ago. In his first initiative he planted 313 saplings of the Honge tree at the famous Idagh Maidan in the city, thereby creating a green canopy, where today 15,000 people can sit under the shade of the trees.

He has created such green pendals in several schools, and if appropriate renumeration is provided he is willing to create green canopies in parks and other public places. On an average he gets two call everyday inquiring about his green canopy, which peaks during summer. The people have nicknmaed him as 'Hasiru Chapparada Khan'.

He has created such pendals along the road leading to Nanjangud Temple in Nanjangud; Schools at Periyapatna, HD Kote, Hebbal, and several other areas.


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