Monday, February 29, 2016

Vivid cultures on display: Cultural programme brings together students

Its only the culture which has brought them together. Coming from different parts of the country, and following different culture, tradition, they are living like one family, sharing their ideas, and having a gala time.

This was the scene witnessed at Manasagangotri campus here on Tuesday, where nearly 1200 students from 70 universities across country have come under one roof to showcase their talents, and rich tradition at the five-day 31stInter University National Youth Festival 'Yuva Shatha Sambhrama – 2016', organised by Univeristy of Mysore and Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.

Vivid cultures will be on display for the next four day competitions to be held at five auditoriums. The students are enthusiastically taking part in the folk dance, mimicry, classical vocal solo, quiz, on the spot paining competition, skit, folk orchestra, debate, light vocal, cartooning, poster making, one act play, clay modelling, western vocal solo, mime, elocution, group song, rangoli and other cultural events.
Kumar Shivam of Gauhati University said that they are performing Assam traditional Bihu dance, and the event is an congregation of students, and they come to know the different tradition, culture followed by people of different religion.

Student Nibedita Baishya says: 'Its an unique experience, and awesome. Its a very good exposure to exchange our culture by interacting with students of other universities and a perfect platform to showcase our talent.'
Solapur University Student Kawate Mayur says: 'This is one of the biggest cultural gatherings. Celebration atmosphere has gripped the University campus, and we are more enthusiast. Its an opportunity to learn, update our knowledge and do better.' The team to present a skit based on military family. The theme of the skit is not to lose hope in life and to be self confident. Student

'Its a celebration of the diversity in cultures. We come across new people and a good experience. My dream to be part of a big event has come true. Its an platform to meet the skilled persons in clay modeling and update my knowledge,' adds Anupam Rana, Sculpture Student of Patna University.

Dr CM Vinay Kumar, Team Manager, Krishna University, AP, said: 'Youngsters play major role in taking the culture to next generation, and this type of events will be an opportunity to expand their knowledge.'


* Selfie Mania: Indian being diverse culture, there is a festive look in university campus. Some of the students in their tradition dresses were found taking selfie in front of centenary clock and University campus.

* Cynosure for art lovers : Hundreds of people had gathered to witness the grand spectacle of different traditions. They were celebrating by singing, dancing, showing their talent in various quiz competitions.

* Delicious food: Nearly 100 people are engaged in preparing wide variety of vegeterian and non-vegeterian food for students who have come from across country. The students from North India opined that as they are not used to South India food they could not relish the dish.
Gauri Sontakke from Nagpur University said the hospitality being provided is very good and am enjoying the delicious food items. The food quality is very good and we are enjoying fish, chicken, mutton biriyani, kababs, apart from varieties in vegetarian food.

* Tour city: The students said that they are very eagerly waiting to tour the city, and visit Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Srirangapatna and other tourist places.

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