Monday, February 29, 2016

To reach the unreached:

MCC's ring tone campaign to educate people about cleanliness

The Mysuru City Corporation has came up with the idea to educate people about the cleanliness. Henceforth if you dial any officials of Corporation, Council members you will hear the recorded voice detailing about how to keep the city clean.

The three minutes ringtone campaign, informs the citizens about segregation of waste at source, lessening use of plastic bags, role of youngsters, children and people's participation in keeping the city clean, and much more are being highlighted. Nearly 400 members including 70 council members, 345 staff have been updated with the ringtone.

Plans are on card to make the ringtone available for interested citizens to set as their caller tone and also to assortment the message in the ringtones frequently. Thereby, the Corporation aims to engage people actively in keeping the city clean.

'Everyday Corporation receives hundreds of calls from the general public to explain their grievances, so that its good opportunity for us to explain the importance of cleanliness and related drives. Through this we can reach the unreached, and bring change with people's participation,' says sources in the corporation.

'The citizens also have equal responsible as much as officials have to keep city clean. We are hopeful that this new initiative will help in high extent to keep the city clean with people participation in large extent,' says MCC senior official.

With Mysuru already being awarded as cleanest city in the country, the Corporation officials are making all out efforts to see to it that the message convey to citizens, and cleanliness drive continues further.

This recorded message is such another efforts of various programme chalked out by MCC, like conducting rallies, distribution of posters, video record forwarding and much more.

While, many citizens are not happy with the drives. They say: 'Only through awareness programmes change cant be brought. There is need the Corporation thinks of providing basic facilities, and make the city more people and tourist friendly.'

Senior citizen Jagananath says apart from creating awareness there is need of Corporation to look into to fix the roads, make toilets public friendly, and educate pourakarmikas strictly not to accept the unsegregated waste.

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