Thursday, May 19, 2016

An initiatives to give new lease of life for widows

A massive survey of widows, who are willing to get re-marriage will be taken up in district starting from June 1. This initiative is first of its kind in country.

About 6600 SHGs and Anganwadi workers and their assistants will take up the survey. The NGOs working on issues related to women will be roped in for the survey. There are nearly 1.2 lakh members from the 6600 SHGs, and about 2827 anganwadi workers and 2827 assistant in district.

They will be reaching into the remote corners of the villages to obtain data of widows, which include their age, children, family background, requirements and other details. Only after ascertaining the fact and obtaining consent from both the families simple or mass marriage will be arranged, and the marriages will be registered.

As most of the widows do not agree for re-marriage with still a taboo in society, expert counseling will be given in grass root levels for villagers to change their mindset. Once they are mentally prepared for the marriage their names will be registered, and a platform will be created for them where interest grooms can select their life partner.

The survey will be taken by Mysore District Women Federation. While, the brain child of the programme is B Radha, Deputy Director, Women and Child Welfare Department, Mysuru. After hearing a plight of a widow during her recent visit to a village, she decided to create a platform for widows to get remarried.
She says: 'An approximate there are more than 23,000 widows in district, of which young widowsare in large number. By entering wed lock they can lead a peaceful life. We obtain physical fitness report, their interest and try to find the match who almost have similar character and will be like minded.'

'Most of the women in rural areas enter wedlock at the age of 16 to 20. Following accidents, illhealth, suicides they become widow at the early age. These initiatives will give a new lease of life, and they can have a better future. While interacting with a 16-year-old widow, I thought of this programme,' she adds.

Widow of a farmer from Nanjangud said: 'The initiative will be helpful for large number of women. Am 25-year-old and my husband committed suicide rencently. I have a 5-year-old daughter, and I need a life partner to continue my life. Its hard to lead life with no source of income, and safet. Thinking of future have decided to register my name with the Federation, and hope will soon find a good match.'
Most of the young men marry again if wife dies and family agrees. Whereas, its not the same with awidow. There is a need to change the mindset. This will be a mile stone in the history of Mysuru, adds women activist Sandya.

Sociologist Prof Indira says: 'Widow's life will be better if get married is itself a questionable and appears to be a very traditional framework. Getting married is choice of widow. Whereas, those who come forward their background has to be studied well. Or else it might lead to exploitation.'

Already a quite a number of widows have registered the names, and they are looking for match. Interested widows can contact 99022 70154 and register at free of cost by furnishing complete details. 

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