Sunday, May 15, 2016

State Women Commission to conduct special awareness programme in Mandya

Frequent incidents of crime against women like honour killing, dowry
deaths and others in Mandya district has shocked the people in Mandya. This apart, highest number of female foeticides has been reported from the district, has become a cause of concern. 

Its not only housewives but educated women have also become victims of dowry death. The recent dowry deaths of Shruthi a lecturer, Supraja an M.Tech Graduate, and Priyanka a house-wife has made the people to think twice before entering into marriages.

State Women Commission Chairperson Manjula Manasa said: Female foeticide, honour killing, dowry death are in rise and a special awareness programme has been planned in Mandya to educate people.

'Its easy in villages to obtain details about women who are subjected to harassment and face domestic violence. Strict instructions have been given to officials of women and child welfare department, Santhwana kendra, and police personnel to be aware and immediately initiate action as soon as a incident is reported,' she added.  

According to KR Pet Farmer Srinivas: 'A sort of fear has gripped in the parents who have daughters. Most farmers host lavish marriages borrowing lakhs of rupees ending up in debt. There are several instances in Mandya, where even after marriage giving good dowry, their children are continued to be harassed.'

Every time when the girl goes to mother home, its expected that she has to bring some thing valuable. If she brings less, then she will be abused. Most of the parents think its their right to collect dowry from bride,” added housewife Thanuja.

Women activist Sandhya said: 'Dowry is most dominating social evil and most people amicably settle among themselves, without registering complaints in the police station. The incidents of honour killing are highly condemnable. There is an need to sensitize people.
As many as 24 cases of dowry deaths have been reported in Mandya since 2014 and 329 cases have been booked for cruelty by husbands and relatives against wives. Even the number of cases registered under molestation in Mandya is on the rise with 826. So far 61 cases have been registered under Dowry Prohibition Act.
This apart, out of 418 suicide cases registered in 2015-16 majority of them were farmers. The main reason for most of death is due to failure to return the borrowed money for their daughter's marriage, added to it crop failure.-

'Honour less killing'

Sociologist Prof Indira said: 'Its hard to believe that parents go to that extent of violence killing the children for honour. Medias should report it has 'honour less killing' and not 'honour killing'.
Caste is always used to protect one's family status, which is being carried down by generations. This social hierarchy and caste hierarchy has to be removed. Punishment should be very stringent for those commit crime and public condemnation of such people is needed to bring about the change and this should become movement.”
Stating feudal system and patriarchy as the reasons behind such cruelty, she added: 'One who has land will get the power and this power comes from caste. To retain control over this property, such family hierarchy in caste is being practiced. The upper caste are not ready to lose power and hence take to commit crime. We can see similar type of incidents in Bihar, UP.'

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What psychiatrists say...

Dr Rajagopal, Assistant Professor and HoD, Department of Psychiatry, MMC&RI said that 30 per cent of people who attempt suicide will have psychological problems.

'Irrespective of education people are committing suicide. Cultural and societal factors, elders or relatives and personal problems, abuse to higher extent and several other factory make patients to take extreme step. If family members find any symptoms of suicide or unusual behaviour in a person should immediately get for counseling.'


Line Up
* Year wise dowry deaths: 2014- 11; 2015- 9; 2016 – 4 till April 20.
* Cases booked for cruelty against husband and relatives : 2014 – 151; 2015 – 148; 30 till March end.
* Cases of molestation: 2014 – 219; 2015 – 432; while 103 in the last three months.
* Booked under Dowry Prohibition Act: 2014 – 26; 2015 – 31; 2016 – 4.
* Suicides – 2014 – 262; 2015 – 357; 2016 – 61 (February 28). 


A round Table conference was held by women organisations to condemn right wing organisations opposing Mandya's inter-religious marriage here on Sunday.

Progressive thinkers who came out with resolutions, demanded government to set up a separate cell on the lines of Tamil Nadu government to give protection for couple who enter inter-religious or inter-caste marriages.

They also urged to provide a common platform to constitutional rights of citizens and right to choice. This apart, they asked government to display a notice in all department which informs about what citizens should when their constitutional rights are violated.

The thinkers discussed about the dangerous developments and how to ensure constitutional rights for every citizens, strengthen human values in the society from the clutches of vested political interest.
Prof KS Bhagwan said that government job should be given for only those have inter-caste marriage. If this is done in next two decades the practice of casteism can be eradicated from the society, he added.
Progressive thinker P Mallesh talked about how to fight against communal forces and uplift human relationship irrespective of any caste and religion.  

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