Sunday, May 15, 2016

Widows of farmers struggling hard to re-construct their life

The agony and plight of the wives and aged parents of farmers who committed suicide is still scrambles. Loosing lone and sole bread winner of the families the women are encountering several challenges to bring up the children, and earn for livelihood.

Added to this, severe drought has worsened the situation further. With the agricultural lands going dry, some are even planning to sell them off, whereas they have not find buyers as the agricultural sector has turned risky due to drought and various other reasons.

Speaking to Express, some of the deceased farmers wives said that they don't want their children to get involve in agriculture; as it is not more a lucrative profession. 

'We want our children to be educated like another and get into government service instead of toiling in fields to meet their ends . Few widows disclosed that they have planned to migrate to cities in search of a job to provide good education for their children.'

Even after couple of months after death of their husband, they are yet to come back to normalcy. The woman are in dark side without any clear picture. They are struggling hard to frame their lives, and earn for children. Some even have plans to get settled in urban areas and find job.

Most of the wives are in young age, with two to four children to look after. Some being illiterate they have no other sources of income. Though they have obtained compensation of Rs 5 lakh from the government, without any other source for income how long the money can be used is the question.

Lakshmi of Nanjangud, who has two small children is planning to migrate to city. She doesn't want her children to enter agriculture and end up as her husband who had to commit suicide.

"It has indeed become very difficult to live or earn our livelihood. How to spend rest of my life all alone with no one to support makes me nervous. Am planning to sell my land, but not getting buyers,” adds Gowramma of KR Nagar Taluk.

“My husband died without clearing the debts. In case of emergency no one comes forward to give money. I cleared the debt of my close relative in the compensation money. Now struggling to bring up children,” added another women Savitha from Mysuru.

“After death of my husband, am facing lot of changes. I have no idea in any issues, and if I get a job of Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 is enough to raise children. Will find for NGOs, and undergo skill development training,” adds another woman Mahadevamma. 

Renuka who turned emotional said: 'I do want to sell my land, and want to leave with memories of husband. Will stuck on to agriculture and try to make profit.'

More than 1350 farmers have committed suicide last year. About 40 widows of farmers were in city on Sunday, to receive a cheque of Rs 20000 given by KASSIA on humanitarian grounds at the agro-tech expo.

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