Sunday, May 15, 2016

She blend colours in thread to create her art work

 This sexagenarian has explored into new art work. She is infusing life into objects using colour threads. Her works are so realistic that for a moment a onlooker gets confused them for paintings on canvas.

Artiste Sumithra Y Putti has to her credit more than 60 master pieces all done with thread works. She refers to her work as thread work. Using silk and cotton thread she has created rare work which mesmerises the onlookers.

Portraits of Jnanpith awardees, famous personalities, great political leaders and freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Sir M Visweshwaraiah, colourful birds and animals, actor Amithab Bachahan, musician Bismilla Khan and Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan amongst several others are cynosure of all eyes.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has signed for his thread work portrait during his visit to Mysuru, which to her is a very memorable moment in life says Sumithra.

The biggest she has worked on is the 24”x36” inch sized Lord Venkateshwara, which is said to be toughest to create on thread. Presently she is working on Indira Gandhi, Swami Vivkenanda and rare birds.

Sumithra who has won several awards for her rare artworks says: 'Painting with thread is quite common. But hardly few creates images using only threads. Compared to paintings on canvas the thread works are very challenging and takes long time to complete one piece of work. Keeping the portraits, different coloured shades have to be given by using multi-coloured threads. I dedicate nearly 6-8 hours to create the thread work.'

'I learnt embroidery works and woolen weaving and with help from my husband I started my initial thread work by making birds. As it received wide appreciation from public, it encouraged me to come out with more works. Later, I attempted to create thread works of great leaders. Over the years, I mastered my skills and learnt to blend colours in thread and started creating portraits using some innovative techniques,' says Sumithra.

'Youngsters are not interested to learn this work. More youngster should come forward to learn this rare form of works,' opines Sumithra, who has taught few students about her creative work.

Senior Artiste Shivalingappa says: “Sumithra works are indeed very exquisitely beautiful collections. Her works which are put up on display inspires art lovers to learn thread work, and give new ideas on how to enhance the skill and come out with new designs in art.” Sumithra can be contact on 94484 62948. 


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