Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Environmentalists turn red over proposed development works atop hill

Environmentalists have turned red over the developmental works being planned atop Chamundi Hills, and are planing to file a Public Interest Litigation.

Speaking to Express, several environmentalists said that there is no need to develop Chamundi Hills on the lines of Tirupati, and they strongly oppose the proposal to build multiple lanes or take up construction of dormitories and multi-parking facilities etc atop hills.
The proposed construction works destroys the already fragile ecosystem of the Hills which in recent times has been affected by drought and forest fires. Putting up multi-lane road along the slope requires removing forest cover destroys the forest and is against conservation of green cover. The flora and fauna in the regions will be further threatened with the increasing environment pollution,” was the concern expressed by the environmentalists.

Naturalist Manu said that more than 130 species birds are nesting in Chamundi Hill. With added pollution due to increased carbon dioxide emission by vehicles, it will severely affect not only the flora and fauna but also certain exotic species of plants in the Hill. With decrease in green cover, wild cats like leopards are forced to move out of their habitat resulting in human-animal conflict.

MGP President Chandra Prakash says, 'This will surely going to be a Road to Ruins as for as Chamundi Hill is concerned. There is no need for another four-lane, since there are more than four roads leading to Hill and certain roads can be declared one way for reducing the traffic. The proposed multi-parking can be shifted to the foot of Chamundi Hill. Being hardly 13 kms away from city, there is no need to construct a dormitories atop the Hills. MGP is planning to file a PIL.'

A regular hill climber Shankari said the recent constructions going on in the name of development works has destroyed every know heritage symbol of Mysuru which is a dangerous and this is not a way to retain the heritage and beauty. Tourist flock Hill, to enjoy the scenic beauty, this initiatives will not promote tourism.'
MGP member Bhamy Shenoy says: 'Its shocking that CM Siddaramaiah being Mysorean has approved the construction of a four lane highway for Chamundi Hills. With impact of climate change, awareness on conservation of environment has increased. Instead of preserving the natural beauty of a place like Chamundi Hill, the government is destructing the beauty. I request CM to stop the development works.

* CM Siddaramaiah had laid foundation for various development works at the the Chamundi Hill at the cost of Rs 79.90 crores
* Environmentalists say the environmentally unfriendly construction planned atop hill will mar the beauty of heritage city.
* Concerned citizens suggest prohibiting any private vehicle going up the hills and providing only bus service for the pilgrims, as done during Aashada.
* MGP finding out legal remedy available to this malady. It has invited environmental activists and lovers of Mysuru to join with its efforts to save Mysore and send suggestions to mygrapa@gmail.com 

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