Sunday, May 15, 2016

Drought hit cattle find their way to pinjarapole, slaughter houses

Even as the government has been maintaining that there is no shortage of drinking water and fodder for cattle, the distress sale of cattle and its handover to Pinjarapole has increased in chief minister's home district even in the beginning of the summer.

The Mysore Pinjarapole Society which provides shelter to stray and discarded cattle has received a huge number cattle from last two months, a majority of them from different parts of Mysuru district. Even incidents of cattle being rescued on its way to slaughter houses is on the rise, which clearly indicates the distress sale.

Farmers are finding difficult to take care of the cattle as grazing lands are going barren and water holes are getting dried up forcing farmes to give up their injured, sick and unproductive cattle. Pinjarapole sources said middlemen are making a killing as they get cattle for less price and which they sell it to slaughter houses.

According to Papanna, a farmer from Subanahalli near Mysuru: 'An average of 30-40 liters of water is required every day for cattle. With summer, and water woes at high extent farmers are selling cattle at Boresanthe near Berya, Nanjangud, Darga, Hunsur, Chunchankatte. It has become very hard to look after the cattles, which force farmers to sell the cattle for less price. The statements of officers has remained only on papers. We are even struggling hard to get water for drinking.'

'Following drought, there is no cultivation and there is acute shortage of fodder, which is forcing farmers to sell cattle. Earlier farmers used to care the cattle till they die. But now sick, unproductive, aged of all aged cattle are being brought to the society with unabale to provide adequate fodder and water,' said Somashekar farmer of Nanjangud.

Prasad Murthy, deputy director of department of animal husbandary said that there is no fodder scarcity in district and can be managed for three more months. Large number of cows housed at Pinjarapole are seized at highways which might be from other districts.

The Mysore Pinjarapole Society receives on an average 4-5 cattles every day. In Januaray as many as 189 cattle were rescued and housed at Pinjarapole Society, while it was 143 in February, 71 in March and it is 158 till April 10. The society has received 109 cows last month from farmers and few from mutts, which was 35 in February and 58 in January. Most of the cattle are received from Mysore, Mandya, Chamarajanagar, Hassan and Coorg.

Short of fodder

The drought this year has not only hit farmers hard, even the Mysore Pinjarapole Society is running short of fodder and water to feed the housed cattles under its care. The society has sheltered 3540 destitute cattle. Presently fodder is being supplied from T Narasipur, Nanjangud, KR Naga and Mandya. The society has deputed 25 volunteers to collect fodders from wherever possible while the contractor has also been instructed to ensure adequate supply and are running the show.

The rates of the fodder which was hitherto Rs 4 per kg has gone up to Rs 7 per kg since December. The society collecting more donation from donors and philanthropists is feeding the animals. The condition at Pinjarapole Center at Udbur in HD Kote which houses about 400 cattles is also not better.

Society President Devichand said: 'There is shortage of fodder, whereas we are managing engaging more people to collect fodder from other villages. To lessen the dependence on borewells we are holding talks with the officials of Mysore City Corporation seeking water
supply for the society.'

Around Rs 2 lakh is needed for maintenance every day. On an average around 6 loads (approximately 24,000 kg) of fodder is needed every day to feed the cattles and four tankers of water. The society has also housed rescued goats (30), horse (7) and pigeons.


* An average of 30-40 liters of water is required every day for cattle
* Farmers selling cattle in fairs without fodder and sufficient water
* Incidents of cattle being rescued on its way to slaughter houses is on the rise, which clearly indicates the distress sale.
* The statements of officers has remained only on papers.
* Seized cattles sheltered at Pinjarapole since November is 791; while received from farmers is 483, and 40 from mutts and others.

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