Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Police canteen in district are not benefiting cops

 The police personnel in district are not getting adequate number of household items in the police canteen. With infrequent supply of stock, and a very few branded products are sold in the three canteens located in city, the cops are forced to purchase items in retail shop by paying high price.

On an average there are around 8,000 police personnel rendering service in district. Rs 3000 worth of items can be purchased by each person. Not able to buy what they want they police personnel are forced to go outside and buy.

Only washing soaps, detergents, coconut oil, cooking oil, biscuits, broom sticks, snacks, and three brands of bath soap are available.
This apart, one can purchase electronic items upto Rs 75,000 in a year. The other major constraint is that they have to make purchase before seventh of every month. If they are late, then they have to do shopping for the items leftover. Though most of the Police personnel have registered out complaints no action has been taken.

Speaking to Express, cops said: 'One cant shell out Rs 3,000 on biscuits, soaps, ditergents. The government should take measures to provide facilities in canteen on the lines of DFRL, Air Force canteen.
With no stock, left with no other choice we are forced to purchase whatever is available in canteens. Every month we are sent back asking to come after a fortnight sighting shortage of items,' they regretted.

A woman constable said: 'The canteens are not benefiting, and its there only for a name sake. Only three branded bath soaps are available. There is a difference of Rs 4 to Rs 5 on each product. We feel its better to shop once in retail as it even wont works out on the cost of petrol.'

Another police personnel added: 'Most of us cant afford to buy electronic good by paying entire amount in cash. So, like retail outlets easy installment should be provided. Measures should be taken to tie up with finance companies, so that we can purchase the electronic products in easy installments from the canteen. Lot of changes can be brought in if planned properly.'

'In initial days there was good response for the canteen. But, now as most of them seek particular brand products the people in less are turning to the canteen. Added to it shortage in stock has also contributed to higher extent,' says a canteen caretaker who did not wished to disclose his name.

* Mysuru is the first city in country to open an exclusive canteen for police personnel.
* The canteens are located at the Mounted Police Unit at Lalitha Mahal Road, Mysuru District Police Canteen at Jyothinagar, and another at KSRP premises.

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