Thursday, May 19, 2016

Now, its not difficult to make ragi balls


Despite knowing the health benefits of ragi, many especially the city
bred people were not able to have ragi balls because of the difficulty
in its preparation. It needs experienced hands to shape the balls.
Now, its not an issue.

Defence Food Research Laboratory has come up with a technology in
order to provide easy to cook ragi balls. 

The instant mix would be of great benefit to people, especially those
residing in urban areas and are either health conscious or suffer from
life style diseases such as diabetes and obesity. The entire process
of preparing ragi ball has been kept simple. Ragi balls can be
prepared instantly by simply adding the flour to hot water in the
ratio of 1:2 and stirring the mixture for a while and the ragi ball
will be ready to eat. There is no need of cooking. Dry lumps of flour
that normally form when ragi balls are prepared the conventional way
does not happen here, say Scientists.

Scientists are working to increase the shelf life for one year, from
the present six months. Other ingredients will be added to make the
flour   more rich nutritional.  P Renuka Kumari, Technical Officer of
Food Preservation and Sensory Science, DFRL said that ‘Most of people
are still not aware how to cook Rabi Mudde, a staple food of Southern
Karnataka. Now, by simplifying the process, everyone across the
country can saviour the ragi ball. Further study is under process and
interested manufacturers can buy the technology,’ she added.

Student Sharavni said: ‘This is a good news for lovers of ragi mudde
and also those who are diet conscious. Inspite of other instant mixes
readily available, ragi mudde mix is a specialty of its own. Health
benefits of consuming ragi is already well known as they are rich in
Calcium fiber, proteins, low in fats, good in carbohydrates, fiber,
mineral content and high in amino acids.  For those who want to become
Ragi Mudde is good, she added. 

Upcoming products   

* Alternative for Plastic: With ban of plastic, biodegradable spoons and sweet dishes in edible film packing materials are being introduced. 
* Instant products for significant reduction in weight by 60 to 70 per cent has been launched using ingridents Labia, Black Gram, Green Gram, Moth Bean, Bengal Gram, Tur Dal, Bengal Gram Dal and others. 
* The vegetable milk from oil seeds which are rich in dietary fibers and minerals has been introduced with shelf stable for minimum 30 days will be launched soon. They  are free from cholesterol and lactose; Good source of essentali fatty acids as they are prepared using sesame seeds, watermelon, muskmelon cucumber pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. 
*Highly nutritious Betrrot Bar, Juice, and instant beetroot juice power to use in defence and civil sectors for high altitude adaption and also for prophylaxis has been introduced. 

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