Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ananthapadmanabha Swamy temple unearthing treasure in doll show

Doll show is an indispensable part of Dasara and the tradition is being followed right from the times of the Vijayanagar rulers who conceived the Navaratri celebrations involving public participation.

Though the themes for arranging the dolls in the past centered mainly on victory of Goddess Chamundeshwari over the demon Mahishasura or the Jamboo Savari procession or sometimes the Royal Darbar, with the passage of time people began arranging and exhibiting dolls based on contemporary issues.

The changed trend can be seen in this year's Dasara Doll show arranged in a couple of houses. In one such arrangement made by Shantha Lakshmi Naraya and Asha Prasad residents of Agrahara and Vivekananda Circle respectively, is attracting huge number of public to their houses.

They have arranged a doll and created a temple of Thiruvananthapur,
depicting the Ananthapadmanabha Swamy temple unearthing treasures and antiques made out of gold, diamond and other precious stones which is estimated crores of rupees.

The deity made of Ananthapadmanabha is an exact replica of the original and is seen reclining on a serpent. The clothing and decorations on the idol appear quite realistic with treasures scattered all around made of gold paper.

Shantha Lakshmi Narayana ahead one step of all this, has exhibited dolls depicting the enter of Cheetah and the Elephants into the city recently and the panic caused among the residents. Apart this she has chosen the Anna Hazae's campaign against corruption as also the theme for the doll show. Dolls of Anna Hazare and his supporters fasting on the dais were placed at the center with public and other onlookers nearby.

Maharani College Lecturer Kankeshwari of Vidyaranyapuram, Hemalatha Kumarswamy in Agrahara, Dr Malini Satyanarayana, SK Nagarathnamma of Vivekanandanagar, Suma in Kuvempunagar, Geetha Srihari, Asha Prasad and many other have also displayed dolls based on village life, varieties of Ganesha, arrangement of dolls accordingly to festival events, farmers agriculture process and much more.

As many organisations have come forward to give doll show prizes, the participants number is increased and different themes are chosen for the doll arrangements based on contemporary issues and historical issues.

Apart from house-wives, more number of working women have also exhibited dolls and its good they are showing interest in the events happening around. Most of the working women have taken long leave to invite visitors every time.

Speaking to Express MA Jayashree said that she do want to give up the tradition and every year during Navaratri she chants Ramayana's Sundarakhanda Parayana. She says according to tradition it is believed that by reading Sundarakhanda, the persons desire will be fulfilled in that year.

Banumathi Sundareshan said that during this nine-days she daily does 'arathi' for nine childrens. The specialty is on day one she does arathi for one year child, which will be followed by two years for second day, three years for third day and so on.

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