Sunday, October 16, 2011

This 26 year old magician has won 7 National and International awards

This 26 year old magician has already won 7 National and International awards in magic and wants to create public awareness masses through his magic. Samarth Shenoy is the magician who desires to use magic not only for entertainment, education, awareness but also to launch new products.

A native of Mangalore, he took to magic when he was just a 12 year old kid. Though residing abroad, after his mother Veenadhai's demise who was a Karnataka Rajyotsava awardee, he returned to India in 2007 and began residing in Mysore.

He has bagged the IBM International Magic Award in 2000; Vazakunam Trophy 2000; Gili International award 2001; IBM 2001; Garudi 2003; Garudi Shreshta 2003 and Switzerland guest magician award and several others.

To teach basic magic to school children and create awareness about Magic, he has conceived and implemented a novel teaching concept called 'Shaikshanika Jadoo' at schools in Mysore and Mangalore. The intention of this programme is to develop their IQ and remove blind beliefs. He opines that his Jadoo is quite useful as an educational aid.

'I was fascinated towards magic when I first watched Lance Burton perform the dove act who was three times film award winner in USA . Since then I was dreaming of performing the same act. Initially I practiced in front of mirror for hours together daily.'

'I chose a category called sleight of hands and bagged first price at the age of 13 at IBM International Magic Convention. After winning that competition I was selected to perform in Europe in a circus.'

His specialty performances are the Billiard ball Manipulation, card manipulation and dove act. He says 'I chose these as they are the most difficult to perform and needed years of practice. Very few people in India can perform these tricks which requires mastery of 'sleight of hands'.'

He says his mother motivated him to become a magician and thanks his mentor, MP Hashim, a top manipulator of India. He has already given around 1500 shows in Italy, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, India and several other European Countries.

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