Sunday, October 16, 2011

Will bad roads hamper this year Dasara festivities !

As world famous Dasara is approaching closer, Corporation took up road repair works on the busy Devaraj Urs Road on Monday morning where pot holes that were formed on the middle of the road was filled with jelly stones and tarred leaving the sides of road untouched.

Every time, after a heavy down pour the tar will be washed, making the potholes resurface again. Earlier also the sub-standard quality of the patchwork was revealed within a few months of their filling the potholes.

City is witnessing intermittent rains from past several days, if it continues to rain for couple of more days, will the shoddy patchwork remain till Dasara begins which is about three weeks away. If it happens so, the highly deplorable state in which the city roads are presently may dampen the Dasara festival this year.

All roads along the Dasara route, especially the Sayyaji Rao Road and the road in front of Town-Hall are extremely in bad shape. As part of the Dasara procession which comprises among several things live performances and folk-dances, the artists would find it extremely difficult to perform on such bad roads not to mention of the Jamboo Savari comprising of elephants and horses walking along these roads.

Even the much hyped Raja Marga is going on in a snail's pace and as the Corporation Commissioner Raikar had assured that the road will be thrown open before Dasara for the traffic seems like not possible.

The numbers of tourists visiting the city is increasing year after year and there will be gradually increase in the density of the traffic vehicles. This would invariably lead to more traffic jams as also one-ways and no-entries. Will the civic authorities at least wake up and take immediate steps on a war-footing to repair the city's roads and save the image as a heritage city.

On August 31, District in-charge Minister SA Ramdas did a survey of the prominent roads in the city by conducing bike riding and promised that the roads repairs work will be begin by the 8th of this month. Even after three days of his promised date the road works have hardly even begun.

Speaking to Express Vanaja a resident of VV Mohalla said that `20 days ahead the officials are undertaking road repairs works and if city witness heavy rains it doubts whether the tar remain on roads or washes out as usual.'

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