Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dispute has led to lack of maintenance of this century old building

The Century old building Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA) which is in heart of the city on Sayyaji Rao Road is in a dilapidated condition. The saddest part is due to dispute between Chamarajendra Technical Institute (CTI) and CAVA the maintenance of this heritage building has worsened.

CAVA is a portion of CTI building and it's responsibility of CTI to maintain this historical building in good condition through Public Works Department. But unfortunately the concerned officials have failed to take appropriate measures to protect this heritage building which has a good architect.

Whenever it rains, the entire premises of CAVA becomes muddy and the class rooms gets fills with water for about two feet and students using bench jump from one place to another to come out of their place.

Both the ceiling and flooring are opened with water logging causing seepage and damp walls. Fungus is growing all over the walls as well as the wooden doors and in some places cracks have appeared on walls. This has resulted in several paintings displayed on the walls getting wet and defaced making the dampened walls of CAVA appear like an another modern art on walls.

The situation of Computer room, Graphic Room, Photography rooms are more worsened and students have lost most of their creative works. Near the foundation room where practical and theory classes are held the students are facing lot of hardship. Due to fungus and bubbles formed on the walls of the rooms, a bad foul smell is emitted.

The CAVA obtains grants of Rs 10 lakh under Plan Scheme from government for every year, but CAVA officials say that amount is insufficient for maintain of building amidst various other expensive.

Speaking to Express CAVA students and teachers, said that during rainy season they face lot of problems and they have lost most of their creative works due to rains. They say the rain water collected in the classrooms seems like lake and the water fall from the roof seems like mini jog falls.

`The building has a very good architect and its need of the hour to protect this heritage building. Anyways CAVA will be having its own building at Siddartha Layout and CTI should take initiative to maintain this building,' said another CAVA teacher. Meantime, when Express contacted CTI Deputy Director Suresh, for details, he was neither available over phone nor at his office.

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