Sunday, October 16, 2011

Women gears up for Dasara

Anna Hazare to be placed in doll show;
Even when District administration is still launching the Dasara programmes, here are section of women who have been sprucing up for dasara from since after Gowri-Ganesha Festival. Some section of women maintain good garden across the year to take part in the Dasara contest and grow various type of flowers and fruits in gardens. While some be busy making dolls of their own to place during Navaratri festival and have kept separate room for dolls at house and indulge in illuminating houses with colourful serial lights, various designs of bulbs so on.

Once the women decide the theme decide they go in search of dolls for Bombay, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Clacutta, Hyderabad, Poone to purchase doll and exhibit it in the contest. The competitions has increased their spirit and with winning spirt every women takes lot of efforts to collect dolls and to make a theme.

The women say, they do want to give up the tradition and want to explain the history to the children through arranging in dolls, so that it interests them too. Apart this several organisation have organised contest for women and children, in which women will be made indulged with curriculum activities and drew the attention of others. For children most of them have organised contest of decorating dolls.

Even after dasara festival the celebrations will continue in this houses for another ten more days. To know more about how women in city celebrating dasara festival, Express had a tete-a-tete with group women of various wings. Here are the Experts

'From past one month I am placing dolls in house and within four days it will be completed. This year Social Crusader Anna Hazare who fought against corruption theme has been placed,' says Banumathi Sundareshan, resident of Saraswathipuram.

Malini Satyan says that hardly she purchase dolls and all the dolls what she exhibit will be created by her. Once after Dasara festival is over she start making dolls through out the year to get set for next year concept. In her collections she has collection of all religions marriage costumed dolls, varities of dance forms of India.

`Using thermacol and other basic techniques, every year I create seperate incidents and give movements for dolls. Last year I had done Krishna lifting Govardhana Hill and this year I am making Samudra Manthana concept. It intersts kids very much,' says Vijayakantha resident of JP Nagar.

Yamuna Nagaraj says from past three months she has worked on embriodery to exhibit it in Dasara exhibition. The uniqueness of embroidery is using eight types of designs on single plot she has carved designs.

'There are 48 members in our organisation. Every year we place doll at one member house and conduct programmes for children and women. Every members of organisations brings one or two dolls and the festival celebrated in all the members of houses routinely,' V Hemalatha of Gokulam Mahila Sangha.

Government High School Teacher and members of Sthree Shakthi AS Vani Subbaiah, says she conducts cultural, debate, quiz contest for children every year during Dasara and inform children about the history and importance of celebrating the festival will be informed to kids.

Dr Mandara Maharushi brings dolls from across country and given finishing for it and given it to the womens who will be placing the dolls at home, while Jayashree a resident of Saraswathipuram is also coming out with novels themes year and has bagged prizes in competition.

Women have also planned to place dolls showing women are assaulted in politics, film land and in another hand how women are misusing the power for judiciary and harassing man. The concept has been thought by Mangala Satyan to show women are also going cruel equal to men.

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