Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Stop last minute preparations for Dasara', complain Mysore citizens

'Full of praise for former District-in-Charge Minister Shobha Karandalje'
With Dasara fast approaching preparations are still not completed and works are going in a hurried manner, reminding us how the Common Wealth Games were conducted with last minute preparations. Anyway officials are determined finish all pending works in time before Dasara which will be formally inaugurated on September 28. The question is why this happens, year after year. Why officials wait till the last moment.

The delay was observed right from day one when Dasara Sub-Committees were constituted followed by the welcoming ceremony first batch of Dasara elephants. With major political changes happening in the Capital city, Ministers were busy with the crisis involving former CM Yeddyurappa.

The hastily convened sub-committees began announcing their plans only about four days ago. Besides this major things like road repair works have still not been completed and are being completed shoddily for which already lots of protests are being heard. Besides the city is besieged with parking problems.

Repair and cleaning works inside the Palace are going on in very brisk face. Cleaning, White-washing and painting, gardening and illumination of government building,s roads, commercial complexes across city are also going on simultaneously.

Exhibition is also gearing up for Dasara and the Welcome arch has been installed. Inside the stalls are getting ready and decoration works on behalf of this are going on. Another major attraction of Dasara is Circus, where the pendal has been erected at Doddakare Maidan and the shows to being from September 24.

Apart this, Curzon Park is gearing up for Dasara festival planting of varieties of fruits and flower has begun for the flower show contest conducted by the Horticulture Department every year.

To check public response about this Express Spoke with some people and their reaction are here.

`The officials never correct themselves. Every year the same thing repeats and in the last minute we can see work done hurriedly resulting in lack of quality work. Proper planning should be done and the work should commence at least one-month earlier,' says Auto Driver Venkatesh.

When Shobha Karandalje was District-in-Charge Minister, being a lady she managed very well. At least the officials would have followed her steps. The Dasara festival conducted during her tenure is unforgettable, says senior citizens Shamala and Vijay, residents of Vijayanagar.

`Lack of proper planning. Instead of filling the pot holes why cant the District Administration provide permanent solution for roads. They declare Mysore as Tourist Place, they should know how to maintain the tag. If same things continue one day we can lose the tag,' Jayashree an LIC agent.

Students reaction over Dasara preparations
To know students reaction towards this year's Dasara festival, Express spoke with some of the students. Most of the irked students questioned authorities whether they have properly utilised the Rs 120 crore grant given by the JNNURM effectively. Continuing, they stated that the money has been wasted and no proper work has been done.

The festival which has to be cherished by youngsters, has instead brought sadness to them. Most of them were frustrated even to speak saying that commenting would be of no use. In spite of this few raised their voice. Here are the experts:

`Everyone join hands to fight against corruption. First let everyone shall work honestly and make corruption free in public-affairs. For past one year they did Raja Marga work but its of low quality work. People to are fed up with all this and have remained silent. Changes want to be happen from grass root level in India,' says Sujay Student of Marimallappa.

`Recently I read about Mane Mane Dasara programme and its learnt that 30 lakh is provided for one Sub-committee. Do they really spend it Women clean their surroundings and place rangoli, they does illumination for themselves, dolls are also placed by them. Then why does they spent so much of money,' questioned Roopa of Sadvidya School.

'Only they say its world famous Dasara but it does not seem like it. In the name of making heart of the city only for tourists, thousand of street vendors life are thrown into streets. Let the officials shall provide shelter first for localities, apart from making tourist-friendly city, says Vijay.

'Every year for Mysore Dasara crores of amount being granted. Why its needed, when they give sponsorship for other companies. It's doubtful whether officers are really using that money for Dasara,' says Vivek another student.

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