Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eco-friendly cycle-cum-mobike to save petrol

To draw the attention of passers-by towards them, most of the youngsters prefer attractive bikes with loud noise. But here is a students who has designed his cycle equal to bike using the scrap bike materials found in garage and has drewed the attention of college students towards his bike.

Punith an Final Year BFA Sculpture student at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), is the lad who has crated this unique Eco-friendly cycle-cum-pulsar. To create awareness among masses to protect environment and save fuel for future generation, Punith with the help of old CAVA student Kiran has created this novel bike in which one can obtain a pleasure of driving bike by pedaling the cycle.

Punith visiting many garages has collected parts of pulsar and had created this unique vehicle. The cycle which is just like pulsar is two feet more in height than pulsar bike and has double seat, with loud horn, silencer pipes, motor meter. Using thermocol he has created mudguards of bikes. Using binding wire a grip holder for pillion riders has been created. This cycle-cum-bike has every feature what a pulsar has, expect the tires of cycle remain same and needs pedaling.

To obtain whrm.. whrm... sound and smoke from the vehicle, he has tagged a balloon near wheel, and has used 'Sambrani Incense' near silencer for emission of smoke. When pedaled, the balloon touches wheels and makes sound and the 'samrani' which is kept inside silencer emits smoke.

Speaking to Express Punith said that 'I came out with this idea to crate awareness among youngsters, as the future of country is in today's youth. Most of the youth don’t like to ride cycle in college day and want bike. By making alterations for cycle the youth can have a pleasure of riding bike and meantime save environment from pollution and fuel for future generation. Apart this, by pedaling they obtain good health and Samrani incense is very good for health and prevents pollution too,' he added.

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