Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roadside street vendors have continued selling cut fruits in open

In spite of a ban imposed by the Mysore City Corporation officials not to sell the cut fruits, or any condiments in the open, roadside street vendors have continued selling cut fruits in the open on push carts.

With the intention of public health and to maintain hygiene, officials had instructed vendors strictly not to sell the cut fruits, instead they were asked to place the cut fruits inside transparent glass enclosures to prevent flies sitting on them and dust falling on the cut fruits.

Ironically, the vendors were seen selling cut fruits like papaya, fruit mixture, pineapple in front of Corporation and surrounding places. Apart this in most of the places in heart of the city, in front of Palace, Court, Exhibition, near to Ramsons Gallery, Town Hall, the vendors were having a roaring business.

In this parts of the city there is huge vehicular movement and heavy vehicle ply emitting thick smoke. The eaters were too seen enjoying every bite of slice forgetting the health hazards they might get.

When Express spoke with some vendors in this regard, several of them were neither aware of this law and some were even not bothered to give importance for the public health and maintain cleanliness. Most of them questioned 'what we are not looking healthy, we to have bought up in the same way.'

Senior Citizen and Retired Government Teacher Venkatesh said that 'concerned authorities should undertake drive oftenly. When they introduce any new rule, they ask people to follow it and its mandatory. But later the officials fail to find whether the rule is implemented effectively. Officers should take strict action against and warn the vendors not to sell the cut fruits.

Speaking to Express, Maharani College Students Rohini, Bhuvi, Teju said that vendors should be first made aware of ill-effect caused by selling edible food stuffs in open.'

Speaking to Express Corporation Health Officer Nagaraj said that by next week action will be taken.

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