Sunday, October 23, 2011

Foreigners to spread message of vedic through canvas

For first time in Country, based on the principles of Vedas-Vedic Art, three women Artists from Finland and Australia are exhibiting their creative paintings from October 23 to 30 at Bharani Art Gallery in Vivekananda Nagar. The exhibition which will be open for public between 11 am and 7 pm will be a cynosure of all eyes mainly art lovers and vedic scholars.

Under the concept of 'Returning to Sources', Pirkko Huttunen Nieminen and Linta Vuorikkinen of Finland and Kate Maconachie from Australia are exhibiting paintings based on the discovered 17 principles of Vedas.

Being the student of famous late Curt Kallman (Swedan) who developed and nurtured the vedic art painting method, this artists want to spread the message of vedic among Indians through canvas, that explores consciousness through Vedic Art.

All the artists are working as teachers of Vedic Art and have created a niche in their respective field by painting together at different locations in the world. Pirkko Huttunene is 65 year old and other two are above 35 have adopted their principles in art and have come out with their own creativity and method in a new freer way.

Speaking to Express Bharani Art Gallery Chief Convenor NB Kaverappa said that based on the ancient Vedic Knowledge Tradition which flourished in India between 1500-500 BC, the artistes will be exhibiting their works.

`For this artist, vedic art is neither an ideology, philosophy, religion nor therapy but its a science of universal laws. At present they are exhibiting their work at Srishti Gallery in Calicutt and expo will end today (October 16) and from October 23 they exhibit their at Mysore,' he added.

He says, using a combination of acrylic, tempera paint, metallic pigments, earth and natural materials, Kate Maconachie has created her works on Canvas and natural elements of earth, water, fire and ether care also present.

`While Linta Vuorikkinen creates works entirely differently on canvas. She spreads the colours, play with them and see what sketch appears. Some time this type of formations will guide her for any creations,' he added.

Kaverappa says, through one of his friend he came to contact with this artistes during their visit to Ayurvedic Yoga Vilas at Wayanad district,
Kerala. Later, the artists visited the Kaverappa's Art Gallery in the month of April and confirmed of exhibiting their works. He expressed happiness for conducting such a rare painting exhibition at his gallery.

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