Sunday, October 16, 2011

Youth extend support to Gandhian Anna Hazare at CAVA Mela

When most of the corrupt politicians are going behind the bars one after the other, keeping this has a concept 2nd year students of Applied Department, CAVA have created a replica of jail using thermocol and have placed corrupt politicians caricature inside it. The students have created works on account of two-day CAVA mela which was inaugurated on Thursday. The Mela concludes on Friday at 8 pm.

In one hand they have depicted that politicians like Yeddyurappa, Janardhan Reddy, Kumaraswamy, Katta Subramanya Naidu, Suresh Kalmadi, Kanimozhi, have been jailed and in another hand by placing different size Gandhi caps made out of paper, they have depicted how from people of all walks of life without any age limit supporting Social Crusader Anna Hazare's fight against corruption. The students have also displayed a message stating youth play major role in curbing corruption menace from society.

Speaking to Express, Students Vidya and Anand said that 'to create awareness among masses about Anna Hazare and what position a corrupt person obtains in society at last, the concept has been designed.

Apart this, the department students had exhibited about 70 types of water colour landscape paintings, puzzles, and colouful works made out of waste foam cardboard like photo frames, photographies, greeting cards, varieties of different colourful candals and gift boxes.

Dustbin made out of waste coffee cups

Always used coffee / tea cups are thrown for dustbins. But CAVA students, ahead in their creative works, have created dustbin using the waste cups ! Sneha says, 'we collected around 110 paper coffee cups, from visiting coffee day and cleaned it. Later, using paste the glasses were sticked firmly to each other in basket shape.'

'Don't abort children'

The way students had conveyed the message not to abort children, was very sensitive. They had created huge bathroom and had depicted don’t abort child, by placing a child in the water pass basin. The students had also created 12 feet high cigar to depict ill-affects of smoking in which how the healthy persons losses healthy and becomes skeleton at the final stage of his life.

Apart this, they had placed, 20 feet height gorilla in front of CAVA, reuse of plastic, harmful effects of throwing garbage and plastic on roads, ill-affects happens on animals by consuming plastic, messages like save tiger, save trees, give life to orphans, adopt a child and save life, were very informative.

They had also created beautiful art works using waste cigars, colourful stones, soda bottle caps, wine bottles and had created the garlands using waste paint bottles and had placed them to doors and plenty of waste glucose bottles injected to single hand., so on received lot of applause from visitors. They had also pasted all CAVA students picture in a replica of twin tower which was above 10 feet in height.

Photo Journalism

Students of Department of Photography and Photo Journalism had displayed very rare pictures and creative works. The photos were self explanatory and no captions were placed. The students had ended their expo with a thought 'Adjustment is always better than argument'.

Graphics Department

Graphics Department students had displayed multi-colour creative works with a social message. Most of their displayed works were two and three dimensional works. Apart this sculpture works created by students were fabulous. Books, ladder, multi-angle works, created of marbles were very eye-catchy.

News Paper Room

To create awareness among masses to ban use of plastic and spread the message among people that for every print media rocks, the students had pasted newspapers for entire room. Students Sirsi said that using paper and coconut leaves huts are constructed at Hubli, Dharwad and he has tried to create it.

Rain spoils creative work

The CAVA students have come out with creative works at their venue by working day and night from past 15 days. But due to heavy rains witnessed in city from past five days, most of the works were spoiled. Not caring for all that the students had recreated most of the works, attracting huge number art lovers towards it.

Tiger Dance : CAVA students who were seen very enthusiast, dressing like tiger staged dance and passed on main streets of the road. The energy in their step was everlasting. Earlier former CAVA Dean Sholapurkar who inaugurated the event advised students to spread message through public to their works.

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