Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kiran Subbaiah house attracts tourists during every Dasara

In spite of people enjoying various Dasara activities, a visit to A Kiran Subbaiah's house will leave one spellbound, watching his creative works in stone. Each year during Dasara hundreds of them visit Subbaiah's 'Museum of Sculptures' near Highway Circle to have a look at his new form and style of sculpture aptly named, 'Multi-sided Sculptures' that is a single sculpture when viewed from four different sides gives four different views.

While it is difficult to create a sculpture work, 61-year-old Subbaiah has created wonder by capturing life's multi-dimensions and multi-facets in his stone sculptures, wherein each side of his sculpture, has a different form - a different theme with different titles.

Maintaining the aesthetic essence of different forms in various styles, patterns and technique, he has sculpted stones in such a special way that when viewed from four sides give four different images can be seen and the subject on one side does not clash or interfere with that on the other side.

It takes some foresight to sculpt the stone so that it appears different when viewed from four different sides. A portion of his house has been converted into a Museum which now houses about 400 works of art in which about 160 are of the multidimensional works type mentioned above.

After reaching the figure of 250 he is planning to apply for Guinness Book of World Records. He has not given any publicity about his works, but relies only on word of mouth as the number of visitors keep increasing day by day. For the past 37 years he has carved around 1400 s cultures and around 1000 of his works have already been sold.

Subbaiah who was originally interested in painting accidentally chose to sculpting. While studying BSC, During his college trip he had been to Belur and Halebidu which inspired him to venture into sculpture. He again visited the place and dedicated his lifetime for this work. Later he took training in Sculpture at Sri Chamarajendra Technical Institute (CTI).

He uses Steatited stones (Krishna Shille) for this work and he chooses hard and medium stones for his works. Another unique feature of this artist is he also works simultaneously on various stones, without sticking to one stone, and completes it. He claimed that he is the first person in the world to carve four and five dimensional works.

Speaking to Express about Dasara celebrations, he said that there is lack of planning in Dasara. He said that attempts should be made to improve Dasara Kala Mela and attract tourists from all over the world, as there are many artistes in city. Some of his works have been exhibited at Kala Mela.

He says in foreign countries artists are awarded with Hon. Doctorates as support pours in from all quarters but whereas in India artists are neglected and no effort is made to promote him and bring him to main stream of other disciplines.

He says art should be freed from politics and talented artists should be brought to forefront. He has been honoured by various organisations and has exhibited his works all over Karnataka.

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