Friday, October 25, 2013

ATME-AANCHAL to keep molesters at bay

A jersey that would help women to keep the molesters at bay has been developed by faculties of ATME College. The jersey would work as a 'powerful weapon' for safety seeking women as it can transmit shocking waves at just a touch of a stranger.
The designed compact Microelectronics circuit cloth (jersey) incorporates electric shock waves which is controlled and operated by the girl. At any point the girl feel unsafe, uncomfortable she can just wear the jersey, which is like a rain coat and activate gadget inside the jersey and give a shock immobilising for thirty minutes. She can activate repeatedly based on her decision on her security.

Immediately the top and bottom jersey acts like an electric shock unit, simultaneously transmitting emergency protocol of her precise location to her caring person cell phone. If needed the girl can activate SOS butt on (emergency protocol) to the nearest police station. Soon the parent or police can address the issue and save the girl.

“The circuit can't be removed by rapist, this provides high level of security, if needed the activation can be controlled by a code from her cell phone and only the girl can deactivate the AANCHAL. With the precious thirty minutes of time the girl can have multiple options for escaping from rapist,” says faculties B S Manusudhan, and S Sowmya Sudhan, who innovated the AANCHAL with the help of student S Manunatha, R Avinash, Ashwini, Sushma, Karthik and Sharath . The team have applied for a patent.


The AANCHAL cloth coated with water resistant material avoids shocks during rainy season, but the electric shocker for the rapist works 365 days 24 hours. The Microelectronics circuit can't be removed by stranger and no external people can ever think of touching her or damaging the circuit. 
Only the girl can operate internally and no external people can ever think of touching her or damaging the circuit. Even if the rapist attempt with hands gloves, the girl can give electric shock by touching her jersey to rapist body. The rapist cant think of touching the girl from anyways.

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