Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plans to host circus in Dasara Exhibition Grounds encounters mixed response

A proposal has been sent by a Pune based businessman, to host circus on the three acres of vacant land at the Dasara Exhibition Grounds (the place is adjacent to Ittegegud). Though the proposal is still pending for approval from the concerned authorities, it has a become a subject of conversation following mixed reactions from people residing in the neighbourhood.

As per the sources of the Exhibition authorities, the place earmarked for setting up the circus is not barren. Around 600 odd saplings have already been planted in that place, of which some of them have grown into trees. The plants have to cut down if the place is allocated to the circus in order to provide space for parking and other accommodations.

A section of people opine that it is a good proposal as tourists can now have all entertainment programmes in one place. But, the nearby residents of Ittegegud do not concur. They say it causes lot of inconvenience to them following severe traffic jam coupled with parking problems.

"Its true that the proposal attracts more tourists and generates good income. But, already we are facing severe parking problems. The private vehicles are parked right in front of our houses when parking lots are full. If another entry is provided the traffic problem gets more aggravated," said an irate resident Shankar Kumar of the locality.

Senior Citizen L Ramachandra says: "The officials should take appropriate measures before hosting the circus. If any fire mishap (which had occurred once several years ago) or any inadvertent incident took place the chances of fatal accidents occurring is very high, following lack of proper safety measures in the region. Even the open drain nearby can be dangerous and must be covered first to ensure safety."

Ittegegud resident Hemavathi says: “The inconvenience caused is not going to last for a few days, but stretches over months. The disturbance of loud music, lights too causes lot of inconvenience."

Deputy Commissioner C Shikha said that the proposal has not yet been finalised.

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