Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rise and Fall of dasara discussed

Mysore District Journalist Association had organised an interaction meet with prominent personalities of different sectors in city on Friday, to discuss about the celebrations of dasara festivals.

Wrestling, tourism, art, culture, tradition, and several other issues were discussed by the guests highlighting several drawbacks practiced during the celebration of world famous dasara. The guests opined that cultural tag with Mysore dasara is disappearing and wrong persons are appointed for dasara sub-committees.

Senior Journalist Krishna Vattam urged government to constitute a permanent authority in the lines of Dasara exhibition authority and organise cultural programmes regularly. “The tradition of dasara is being changed as per the convenience of officials and politicians. Its high time people friendly programmes should be introduced and make people feel the past glory of dasara,” he added.

“Politicians and their followers are appointed for dasara sub committees, which is a big setback. With mere knowledge they fail to coop with the responsibility and lot of chaos are reported every year. Before appointing a person the government should think whether he has knowledge in the filed and can manage,” Pailwan Mahadev.

Talking about Tourism, Hotelier PV Giri pointed out that government does not follow continue policy during dasara. “Three weeks left for dasara, but so far the cultural programmes are not finalised. Its high time a standard policy should be introduced to attract wider generation,” he added.

Prof PV Nanjaraj Urs said that politicians and officers are unaware how to offer floral tribute to goddess chamundeshwari on Jumbo Savari day. Only CM, Mayor, DC should be on the stage, but they are violating rules. Folk art Federation President Mahadevappa said that artistes should be handled with respect.


750 kg golden howdah not a burden

Senior Journalist Krishna Vattam discussed about cutting down the weight and providing relief to the elephant which carries 750 kg golden howdah. Replying, Historian prof Nanjaraj Urs said that Golden Howdah is major attraction of Jumbo Savari and at any cost the tradition, culture should not be braked.

“For the elephants which weights about 6000 kg, the weight of golden howdah is not a burden. In forest the elephants are used to transport wood logs, which weighs more than 1000 kg. Moreover, if golden howdah is tampered the tradition practice of dasara falls,” he pointed out.

Forest department retired secretary AC Lakshman opined that golden howdah will not be burden for elephant, if the elephant is provided with needed nutritious food. Armed Reserve Police should be deputed surrounded to elephant carrying golden howdah.

Issues discussed

* Yuva Dasara attracts lot of youth. But there is no connection with Yuva Dasara and cultural dasara festival.

* The government should start preparations at least three months ahead of dasara.

* Providing commutable road is a civic duty. But, why the road works are taken up only during dasara

* Government should provide free accommodation at choultries for people coming from far places.

* Citizens should actively take part in dasara activites and imbibe the culture to next generation.

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