Thursday, October 3, 2013

Toddler wooden toys expo in city

Here comes good news for the children. For the first of its kind in Mysore, a toddler wooden toys exhibition will be held in city from October 2 to 6 at Mysore Art Gallery. The expo will not only be educative and informative for the children, whereas provides hints on art and culture.

Verities of utilities, toys, key bunch, folding bag, jugs and tumblers created out of bamboo, tradition of other states, puzzles, abacus, gemetric puzzle, montessers, wooden pull toy, toys related to dasara and much more will be exhibited.

The toys are created in such a way that they are not only eco friendly, free of toxicity, whereas very safe. There is no sharp edges for any of the toys and are painted with Eco-freindly colours. Moreover, the durability of the toy is high and can be used from generation to generations.

“In this modern times young mind have no idea about how educative and informative are wooden toys. This expo will provide glimpse for children,” says senior artistes Shivalingappa of Mysore Art Gallery.

Meet the toy maker

Do you know the wooden toys was first introduced by a Mysorean seven decades ago. He was the first from city to export the wooden toys to Europe, United States, Japan, Garman and other countries. His commitment for the overall development of young minds is a testimony. He is none other than the Mysore's Senior Artiste late Veerappan.

Being a painter he ventured in art and culture and showed people how art can be commercialised. He introduced varieties of puzzles, toys and introduce new art form. The speciality of the toys shows Veerappan's commitment he had towards society. The Wooden Toys industry was shut down since 2004. The woods used to prepare toys were rubber, beech and pine trees. In memory of their father, V Praphulla Chandra and V Satish Praphulla Chandra have organised the exhibition.

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