Thursday, October 3, 2013

“Incomplete works in heart of the city spoils beauty of city”

Hardly thirteen days left for the inauguration of World Famous Dasara Mahotsava. But if one visit the heart of the center, specially the stretch surrounding to the palace the apathy unfolds.

The roads are in very dilapidated condition and much hyped so-called 'Raja Marga' works are still going on. The route of Dasara Procession is of no exception. Not only in city even the situation of roads in outskirts are in very bad condition. Heap of debris can be seen lying on road side in several places and roads filled with potholes, unscientific humps welcome the tourists. As usual the authorities are busy with 'last minute road repair works'. Here is the tete-a-tete with citizens about the bad condition of roads.

A vendor Tirupathi says: “From last three years temporarily road repair works are being completed and after dasara the works will be taken up again.

Even last year on the neck movement they covered the incomplete works with mud, crushed stone. After two months of dasara, the officials again dug the road and so far have not completed the works.”

The tax payers money is going under gutter and seems no one bother about this. Its very disgusting to enter heart of the city with lack of basic amenities. The beauty of the city is getting spoiled for the interest of few people,” senior citizen Hanumantha, resident of Agrahara.

“With Dasara fast approaching the work on the road is far from completion. The road repair works are going on in a snail's pace and either the City Corporation nor the District Administration have taken the issue seriously,” Bindushree, a resident of Nazarbad.

“About 90 per cent of roads in city are in bad condition. The officials, elected representatives should take civic issues serious and work honestly considering the development of city and their responsibilities,” Rajkumar resident of Kukkarahalli.

“Elected representatives always speak of making city a tourist hub, but fail to be tourist friendly. Its high time the government should give first priority for haunting civic issues,” he added.

Mysore City Corporation PG Ramesh said that before dasara road works surrounding to palace will be completed and remaining works will be taken up after dasara.

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