Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mid-day meal tragedy: A eye-opener

The mid-day meal tragedy which took the life of 6 year-old school girl Anusha, after she accidentally fell into hot sambar vessel, has turned into a wake up call for the Education Department in Mysore.

Though so far no tragic incidents of the sort has been reported from Mysore which too comes under Akshara Dasoha Scheme, the DDPI taking no chances has sent out clear instructions to schools to take additional precautionary measures in the kitchen both while preparing food and also while serving.

Several schools have already put up notices in front of kitchens warning children not to enter the kitchen. Instructions have been given to the cook and the helper to serve food only from smaller vessels instead of moving around huge vessels while serving food.

The Head Masters have begun personally monitoring the cooking and have even deputed a teacher to look into the preparations of mid-day meal on rotation basis. The staff opine that when children are made to stand in queue there are chances that they push each other and fall down. To avoid repetition of such incidents schools have started serving food after children are made to sit on the floor.

The teachers after reading over reports of Anusha's tragic death are creating awareness among children not to enter kitchen or go anywhere near cooking vessels.

Government Bifurcated Higher Primary School Head Mistress K Nagarathnamma said that the children are not allowed inside the kitchen. “Earlier they were entering the kitchen to wash hands as the wash basin was located inside the kitchen. But now we have decided not to take any chance and shifted it to open ground outside. This prevents children from entering the kitchen altogether,' she added.

BB Garden School Head Master Basavaraju said that they have adopted several precautionary measures which are announced during prayer time asking children not to enter kitchen.

DDPI BK Basavaraj said that appropriate safety measures have been taken and a circular has been dispatched asking head masters to take utmost care and attention.

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