Friday, October 25, 2013

Day out for Mahouts family members

Sky was high for the family members of mahouts and kavadi who ventured out to tour prominent places of Mysore. For first time they were taken on tour for prominent tourists destination like KRS, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Srirangapatna and Chamundi Hill.

The family members were seen dressed neatly and waiting for the bus to travel in and around Mysore. What made more surprising and memorable event for many is climbing the public transport for first time.

They were very much amused to watch the animals in the cages. The children innocently were seen questioning their parents why the animals, birds have been kept in arrest at Zoo, and why not in forest. Some of them even expressed sympathy for the animals, stating its good the animals, birds wander freely in their place. 

After viewing the statue of demon Mahishasura atop chamundi hill, the discussions were on among them and later they left for Srirangapatna, seeking blessing from goddess Chamundeshwari.

Bhagya said: “This is first time am climbing the bus and second time coming to Mysore. I have traveled in truck," she added.Shashithamma said she woked up around 6 am and waited for the bus arrival to make sure that she gets seat near window. 
“We are extremely happy and eager to round up the city. We had seen only Palace, but now we have got the opportunity to see other places,” she added.
Social Worker Roopa Kala who accompanied the mahouts said they are happily enjoying the trip, singing folkart songs, and putting steps for tribal dances.

After flagging-off the buses, MLA MK Somashekar said that the mahouts family members will be made introduce to prominent four tourist destinations, and will continue the legacy every year. From next year measures will be taken to introduce more tourists places,” he added.

About 230 mahouts and kavadis family members toured the city in three buses, exclusively arranged by Dasara Darshana Sub-Committee. 
A special food arrangements were made for them at Srirangapatna, which include Chicken Biriyani, Mutton fry, gravy, banana and a pan beda after their food were provided.

Russians spread peace message
Its not only tableaux drew the attention of lakhs of people on procession route, whereas a peace march by Russian troupe also took center note. 
As many as 28 Russians from St Peter's Berg in white and white, passed over the five kilometers stretch spreading the message of unity, peace, and harmony.
Alice said:" This is out first visit to Mysore. We thought this will be perfect platform to spread peace message among lakhs of people." 
Holding placards displaying the messages like: 'A real king is the one who rules upon his own sense organs', 'freedom from vices is true independence', and much more they spread the peace messages among public. 
They were seen waving hands and drawing attention of the huge crowd. They are the members of Brahma Kumari Wing in Russian, which is existing from last 25 years. They will be staying in Mysore for some more days and will be presenting a cultural programme by this month end.
Water, buttermilk quench the thirst of artistes 
Thanks for the initiative of several organisation which tried to quench the thirst of artistes, women and children across procession route.
SPI had set up 25kiosks to supply water for artistes, women and children on procession route. This is first time they had set up the kiosks for every 100 meters. Volunteer Shivananda said in every kiosks five members are working and they have distributed water for about 30,000 people.
Dr Rajkumar Fans Association members were seen distributing buttermilk for police personnel and artistes at KR Circle. Member Manju said they are distributing 200 liters of butter milk.' Volunteers of Vasavi Seva Dhal also distributed 2000 (1/2 liter) water bottles, and distributed about 30 cans of water.
Dollu Kunitha Ariste Siddamma said that this is the first time they are getting sufficient amount of water to drink across procession route and quench their thirst.

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