Thursday, October 3, 2013

Transgenders, homosexuals, and sex workers to be part of dasara

If everything goes as per the plan, members of Ashodaya Samithi, a society involved in the welfare and rehabilitation of sex workers will not only enthrall visitors during dasara though cultural programmes, whereas assist tourists at Kiosks, and set up exclusive stall at Dasara Food Mela, dedicated for HIV Aids patients.

About 20 transgenders, homosexuals, and sex workers, who are good in singing, dancing, mono acting, theater have approached cultural and women sub-committee members to be part of dasara cultural activities.

While, those have good communication skill and command over English language have approached tourism department to provide them the opportunity to assist tourist at Kiosks. An another group of members have approached food mela sub-committee to erect stall.

Ashodaya Samithi core team Member Fathima said talks have been held with concerned members and on Saturday they will be submitting the applications. “If opportunity is provided, it will be a platform to showcase our talent and inform people we are equal in the society,” she added.

Nutritious Food

An exclusive stall to educate people affected with HIV/AIDS will be placed at food mela, by a group of members who have undergone training at Food Science and Nutrition Department, University of Mysore, among people effected with HIV/AIDS.

Ashodaya Samithi Integrated Supportive Officer Seema said the food system of HIV/AIDS patients is entirely different and through the stall the HIV/AIDS people will be educated about food habit they have to practice in their day to day life, to combat malnutrition and develop immune system.

Officers quote:

Food Mela Secretary Dakappa said the Samithi members have approached the Sub-Committee and likely their applications will be considered. Tourism Sub-Committee Chairman YT Shankaregowda said genuine efforts will be made to depute two persons in the kiosks. Cultural Sub-committee Secretary Nirmala Matapathi said in a day or two the participants list will be shortlisted and they will look into the applications of Samithi.

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