Friday, October 25, 2013

Jumbos returned back to their camps

Elephants and mahouts left the palace along with 14 dasara elephants on Thursday, after successful completion of Dasara assignment. The elephants have left a niche, enthralling lakhs of people.

During their stay in palace for about 45 days, the place had turned a mini elephant camp and a hot tourist spot, attracting thousands of tourists from dawn to dusk. Tourist catching pictures of pachyderms in their cell phones and cameras was common sight witnessed all these days.

The scenes of elephants care takers giving bath for elephants in the pond, women folk cooking food and washing cloth, children playing round the elephant and wandering across palace were missing on the day. Soon they left the place, a shadow of silence covered at palace grounds.

The elephants were transported in a lorry to their respective camps such as K Gudi Camp, Mathigud Camp, Dubare Forest and Balle Elephant camp. Elephants Gopi and Gopalswamy were first loaded to lorries stating the elephants are adamant.

The women and children were seen waiting in front of their temporary shelters for arrival of lorry. Soon after the traditional puja performed by Palace Pontiff Prahallad, jaggery, sugarcane, coconut were offered to jumbos. Deputy Commissioner C Shikha gave adieu for the jumbos.
The children and family members left the palace waving hands for the tourists, with a sign of relief in face.

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Elephants left palace with heavy weight !
Elephant Arjuna who carried 750 kg golden howdah has gained additional weight of 275 kgs. When he arrived to palace, he was 5535 kg, while leaving he was 5810. In the same the weight of Gajendra was 5072 against 4755; Balaram 5295 against 4630; Abhimanyu 5250 against 4870; Varalakshmi 3205 against 2965, Sarala 3345 against 3290. The other elephants which took part in dasara festivies are Vikram, Vijay, Harsha, Sriram, Gopi, Prashanth, Durga Parmeshwari and Gopalkrishna.

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